ABOUT Sandy Tattoo Studio by Sandy S Oagnia


Sandy S Oagnia grew up with an interest in art from a young age, knowing that he wanted to be a tattoo artist before getting his first tattoo. This made the passion to become an artist stronger and he had a keen interest in the art of tattooing. To master any art one has to practise a lot and the same goes for tattooing. For him tattoos are the impression of the soul. And doing a tattoo on someone is a big responsibility because it gives that person a different identity, so it should be precise and definite.

With over 8 years of practical experience in the area of tattooing, people of all ages and races have trusted his designing skills and technical expertise in coming up with the most creative and wonderful tattoos to adorn their body with. With his particular technique he can make any tattoo on your body. Regardless of what u want in black and grey or colour tattoo. He is master of all styles of tattooing, from freehand work to portrait, new tattoos to cover up and anything in between. He loves to laugh and joke while tattooing. He believes it makes you as the client relax and you can really enjoy the experience of getting tattooed by him.