ABOUT Lavita Lobo


Lavita Lobo is a singer from Mangalore currently residing in Chennai. She’s a recipient of the AR Rahman Scholarship at KM College of Music & Technology, & also, the Best Western Classical Singer Awardee. Lavita was trained in Western Classical from Dr. Cynthia Smith & is currently training in Carnatic Music from Dr. Padmasini.
She won the best Konkani Vocalist award in  2011 &Benedryl Golden Voice of Mangalore. One of the songs she sang for the movie ‘Lake of Fire’ was Shortlisted at the Oscars for the best song. Lavita is best known for her interactive, lively & power-packed live performances. Her song ‘mi amor’ from the series ‘Trip-2’ was an absolute favorite among the audiences. She’s also sung and written all the songs from the same series. Currently, she has some excite playback songs in the pipeline.