Membership Policy

Loofre App membership policy |

1. As a member of Loofre App you will be entitled to avail offers at the Partner Restaurants (“Offer(s)”) based on offer and subject to the membership plan purchased by you via Loofre App read along with these Terms.

2. Membership completey depends on the subscription brought in the Loofre App.

3. In order to avail the Offer(s) you shall ensure to provide your details, while you unlock the offer of any particular brand available on your Loofre mobile application.

4. Make sure at the time of making your reservation and prior to billing you may confirm about the offer running.

5. The Offer(s) (i) can be redeemed only at the Partner Restaurants and such Partner Restaurants may be updated from time to time, and the Offer valid at each restaurant can change from time to time.

6. Can be redeemed only in accordance to your membership plan

7. Is not valid on home delivery or take away.

8. Cannot be clubbed with any other offers or discounts or deals or combos or buffets extended by Partner Restaurant or Loofre

9. Membership is not exchangeable for cash

10. The member will be responsible to pay the Partner Restaurant all costs and charges payable for all the other items consumed by the members which are not covered under the Offers.