Ashok Kashyap is a self-taught best tattoo artist in Dwarka, New Delhi. He is a known name in the field of Tattoo Art. He has given a lot to this field in a very short span of time. Just by 2011, he has showcased not only more but quality work. The only thing behind his hard work and the efforts is his deep routed passion for making tattoos.
It all started with the one TV show ‘ LA Ink’ that time he was not aware that he’s going to became a Tattoo Artist. But that Tv show creates a spark in him. After that, he researched about tattooing. READ MORE




Amit Sethi is from New Delhi. The journey to the field of this creativity started when he had an accident around 10 years back and was on crutches for 6 months and because of being on total bed rest he had ample amount of time which led him to this  profession where he doesn’t have to move much and he can earn money also, so he joined THE TATTOO SHOP studio and never looked back and now he personally teach students and have 4 studios of his own. His studios are in Defence Colony, Amar Colony, Hauz Khas Village, and Rajouri Garden. He has his own beauty salon named Haircraft. READ MORE



Devil’z tattoo is India’s premier tattoo studio founded by India’s first Internationally experienced/ award-winning tattoo artist Lokesh Verma, who has worked in some of the best studios in the world like Paul Booth’s Last Rites, NYC, Off the Map, MA, The Grand tattoo lodge, CA, Monsters under your bed and Andy Engel tattoo, Germany and many more studios in Italy, Amsterdam, Sweden, Denmark, Australia etc. Lokesh holds the Guinness World Record for tattooing the maximum number of Flags on a persons body and hosts celebrity clientele from all over India who flock to New Delhi to get a piece of his artwork. Lokesh is also the founder of the biggest tattoo festival of India, READ MORE




Abhishek Ahuja is the owner and tattooist at N.A Tattoo Studio. He is one of the best tattoo artists in New Delhi. He is a known name in this field. From a Hotelier turned into a tattoo artist, Abhishek Started his passion with tattoos in 2010. Trained by one of the best artists from North East India, helped in achieving all the basics. He has worked in many National and International conventions and also worked with Apple Ink Studio, Thailand for an amazing experience. He specializes in Religious, Asian, Realism and Custom Lettering. READ MORE




The Tattoo Shop is home to a group of skilled and creative artists tattooing since 2008. Tattoos remain for life and we do our best to satisfy our clients in every possible way. We never vacillate to offer the best advice and provide sound consultation. With the brilliant artistic ability and even-handed price, we work with the promise of marvelous masterpieces of originality. READ MORE




Hi myself Mac, Owner and Head artist of DNA Tattoo Art by Mac Hauz Khas.
I started my carrier back in 2011 and love doing strong bold lines, smooth shading.
For me tattooing is just not just about art in fact for me it’s more about knowing someone, knowing their stories and than designing some for them and making sure they feel very much connected to that piece. READ MORE




Tenzin Tattoos they aim at creating a perfect tattoo piece suiting to the need of the customer. With experienced artists on board they deliver a quality service to ink your designs with absolute perfection. Their profession is an art which can be looked upon differently by each individual. Their vision is to satisfy customers with their best service. They sketch your thoughts to reality with their strong vision and experience of more than 10 years in this field. READ MORE




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