What prompted you to go on your first trip?

A college project took me on my first solo trip to Mumbai. It was essentially a research trip but I took full advantage of it being on a first-ever solo trip.

How did you come up with the this “Channel name”?

Since school days and even till now, I have stayed confused between various life choice, professions to take up, things to try or staying confused between a simple yes or no. And I was about to explore myself and life. So Iffy which means confused, sat perfectly with Explorer thus ‘The Iffy Explorer’.

What’s the most entertaining story you have about getting lost?

We were on our way to Chhitkul via road and were following google maps. At 3am, it took us to a narrow trail which ended on a cliff. We were saved just by the 3 metre that night.

Have you been anywhere which turned out to be totally different to how you imagined? If so, how?

Kargil, I thought it to be a region suffering from post war symptoms which completely subsided when I stayed in Kargil for 10 days. And Kargil’s valleys have my heart now.

A piece of advice for all the wanderlusters Out there?

Explore and be wild till the time you can. A week back or week knees won’t let you do treks.

Quick fire questions

  • Favourite airline: Vistara
  • Favourite country: Bhutan
  • Aisle or window seat: window
  • Strict schedule or go with the flow: Go with the flow
  • Hot place or cold place: Cold place

ABOUT Blog ‘The Iffy Explorer’ By Niharika | Delhi

The Iffy Explorer aka Niharika is an architect turned full-time travel blogger. she loves to indulge in experiences which involve exploring the untrodden, living like locals and knowing the place and its people best by exploring their habitats. Since her academic days, she was involved in various research projects which made her a travel enthusiast. She looks for deeper adventures while on trips. She loves curating her content aesthetically and visually in the forms of blogs, videos and poetry. She has a blog by name “The Iffy Explorer”.