Tattoo Artist Naman Arora:-

I see a lot of positive strengths as a tattoo artist but the biggest would be ART. The magic of art in my hands help me to express myself in the most significant way.


What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

Everything about becoming a tattoo artist is so glittery that its easy to get inspired for this career. I got inspired with the whole process of painting a beautiful piece of art on skin that stays forever. All the people i have tattooed so far are also my real inspiration for tattooing, the smile on their face, the feeling of happiness after the tattoo and all the respect they give me(even after all the pain i give them…lol), inspired me everyday to keep going.


Have you ever taken formal art training from a younger age or are you self-taught?

I initially started tattooing as a self taught artist, but after a couple of years i realized its just not enough for taking tattooing as a career. so i searched for a Guru for myself and i came acroos by hyperspace studios, run by a world’s known artist Guy Aitchinson .I opted for professional training progamme , took training for bloodbourne pathogens and First Aid/CPR from the American Red Cross, read the most amazing book on tattooing so far “Reinventing the Tattoo” – 2nd Edition, PIERCING BIBLE and also started to explore on different canvases. I’ve been doing tattooing for almost 8 years now and i feel that art makes me more human and a better person in general. I still learn everyday from blogs, videos, books,  people and also i love to share my knowledge with everyone.


How do you console a person who is experiencing pain while drawing a tattoo?

Well, that’s an interesting question. I’d say from my experience that i’ve seen only few people who feel that the pain is too much. In these rare cases the best thing we do is: take a break, give them a juice (it increases blood sugar level) and let the customer play their favorite music all the time while tattooing and remind them that don’t forget that the pain is temporary, but the beautiful piece of art you’re getting will be there forever 🙂


From where are your personal art and designs inspired?

My personal art and designs are an outcome of  ideas, likes and stories from people who are getting it. Being a traveler tattoo artist has its own perk, that i get to meet a lot of travellers from around the globe. I usually sit with the client for an hour or two, merging their ideas and likes with my creativity and vision, For me, designing is the most important part of the whole tattooing process, so it should be that perfect piece of art that one is willing to wear forever.


What are your biggest strengths as a tattoo artist?

I see a lot of positive strengths as a tattoo artist but the biggest would be ART. The magic of art in my hands help me to express myself in the most significant way. It also makes me go to places i’ve never been, meet the most amazing people in life, share stories, knowledge, music and even games.










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ABOUT Travel Inks by Naman Arora


Travel Inks is a Professional Tattoo & Piercing Studio in India. They travel from places to places to make skin look more beautiful. Tattoos by their artist are created with their passion for art, artistic vision and creativity. They do custom made designs only for every person because we all are unique and so should be your tattoo.

They have their studio in the heart of beautiful hills in Manali where they created beautiful art and invite artists from all over the globe to come and share their art. They also travel to various places for tattooing, piercings, paintings and designing.