Tattoo Artist Nikita Vaidya:-

“Credited and known for her originality in whichever concept that is provided”. Nikita Vaidya is an Indian female tattoo artist known for her versatility, specializes in ornamental style and covers beautiful minimalistic tattoos too.


What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

As a school kid, I didn’t know what I wanted to become, but I knew it had to be something related to art. Drawing was my favorite thing, even if it meant geometry diagrams I use to draw it for my classmates just because I loved it. From sketching and doodling on all my books to body painting & temporary tattoos, I realized my calling was somewhere around. When I gave a thought to be a ” tattoo artist “Some of them said, “Girls can’t be tattoo artists” its a male dominated industry. I said ” I’ll show you how its done.”

Have you ever taken formal art training from a younger age or are you self-taught?

When it comes to art/drawing, I never took any formal training. I would like to say that I am blessed to have that vision for art and interest to create something of my own (always lost in my dreamy drawing world hahahahhaha). I use to draw several Indian patterns. I remember, me and my brother drew together for fun which continued to my  note books filled more from behind as all my drawings use to cover that space. Since then, never tried to replicate an image ever.


How do you console a person who is experiencing pain while drawing a tattoo?

By giving them a lollipop hahahhaha… just kidding! Usually I do explain them in the process  needs patience from both end its a  collaboration by client and artist. Pain is more mental, it can be controlled if you have that dedication to get a beautiful artwork on yourself, when the client is relaxed its more comfortable for any artist to do a good job. I have given lot of people their first tattoos, some of them even got it done on sensitive spots but the session went good as they sat well, so making up your mind plays a very important role and I do give  small breaks when needed and take care of my clients.


What are your biggest strengths as a tattoo artist?

I welcome all styles, that’s my strength. I know I am versatile and can give justice to any form of artwork you get to me, though I have a liking towards a few styles like neo-traditional, geometric, ornamental, oriental. You will find other styles in my portfolio too like minimalistic tattoos, linework tattoos, watercolor tattoos.


What are your biggest challenges as a tattoo artist?

Tattooing is the toughest form of fine art I would say. While sketching on paper was easy, skin as a canvas was a completely different ball game. I invested a lot of time studying skin tones, color palettes, pigments, etc. as every skin is a new challenge and as a tattoo artist there is a lot of responsibility you’re carrying.









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ABOUT Tat2me tattoo studio by Nikita Vaidya


“Credited and known for her originality in whichever concept that is provided”. Nikita Vaidya is an Indian female tattoo artist known for her versitaility, specialises in ornamental style and covers beautiful minimalistic tattoos too. Her journey started tattooing since 2011 and now  known as the best female tattoo artist from the country. She get inspired by various things, she focus more on Indian art as she love to represent her own country. She do lot of filigree and patterns. She believe that a tattoo should look proportionate to a persons body with a good flow and fit. She get inspired when she travel and meet different people, who explain their stories with her, she consider it as the best part of her profession.