N.A Tattoo Studio by Abhishek Ahuja


Name:-Abhishek Ahuja

Since :-8 Years

Favorite Tattoo Artist :-Randy Engelhard, Jamie Mahood, Paul Booth, Anrijs Straume, Dmitriy Samohin, Oleg Tattoo, and more.

Location:-New Delhi


What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

I used to watch this TV series called Miami Ink during my Graduation days. It was really fantasizing to me. I always took it as a medium to mark someone for life with their choice of art and then I got into this amazing field and saw some amazing work by Nikko, Paul, Bob Tyrrell, and more.



Have you ever taken formal art training at a younger age or are you self-taught?

I am mostly self-taught but after a year of initial tattooing, I took a course in basics and hygiene. But the training or learning never ends. I still learn a lot when I meet my idols and friend tattoo artists. Seminars and online stuff really add to the knowledge.



Which body parts are you most comfortable making a tattoo on?

I find Forearm to be the best body part to work upon. For the best reasons to be that its complexion is better as compared to the outer arm, it doesn’t change much of its shape with age and ease to work on it. Calfs, back, the chest is good too. The most tricky areas are ribs and necks.



How do you console a person who is experiencing pain while drawing a tattoo?

I strongly feel that while getting a tattoo a person goes through less of physical pain and more of a psychological one. If one is prepared he or she can really sit well throughout the process. I explain the same to my clients. But in case they really are in pain after a couple of hours, due to the placement of tattoo, we do have some local anesthetics which really help them to sit a bit more.



What do you feel was one of your biggest struggles as a tattoo artist?

The biggest struggles as a tattoo artist in India especially is to make the client understand that whats right and whats wrong. To make them understand to opt for a customized work that’s unique and not to copy others.

ABOUT N.A Tattoo Studio by Abhishek Ahuja


Abhishek Ahuja is the owner and tattooist at N.A Tattoo Studio. He is one of the best tattoo artist in New Delhi. He is a known name in this field. From a Hotelier turned into a tattoo artist, Abhishek Started his passion with tattoos in 2010. Trained from one of the best artist from North East India, helped in achieving all the basics. He has worked in many National and International conventions and also worked with Apple Ink Studio, Thailand for an amazing experience. He specialize in Religious, Asian, Realism and Custom Lettering.