Inkspace Tattoo Studio by Chetan Salhotra


Name:-Chetan Salhotra

Since :-12 Years

Favorite Tattoo Artist :-Nikko Hurtado

Location:-Hauz Khaz Village, Delhi


What inspires you? 

I think originality inspires me. The translation of a mere thought to reality through any medium whatsoever holds my interest. To be able to do so visually in the form of tattoos propels this interest to a passion, intermingled with all of my attention & energies.



Challenges as an artist? 

I’m not sure if this is particularly a challenge, but there’s always an ongoing feud between a piece I’m currently working on, and the one I did before it. I feel the need to be noticeably better every time. Even if the current piece is impeccable, my conscious won’t rest until it’s sure that I’ve done it better than ever before.


What would your strengths be as a tattoo artist? 

I recognize the ability to translate verbalized scattered ideas into structured visuals as one of my major strengths.

Talk about your first tattoo. 

My first tattoo was done on myself. I had the machines, I had the needles and I had gauged a fair understanding of the process. But before inflicting that experience on anybody, I thought it was only fair to go through it myself first.

Which body part are you most comfortable with? 

I believe that every body part when inked offers a different experience. Due to the sensitivity, the skin tones, fat etc the outcome of the same design differs.  I’ve done tattoos on most body parts including chest, biceps, and backs. But speaking of comfort, I like working on legs and arms the most these days.

ABOUT Inkspace Tattoo Studio by Chetan Salhotra


Inkspace Tattoo studio has a team of skilled tattoo artists specializing in a different style of tattoos to deliver the best possible consultation and artwork to their clients. Since the inception, They emphasize their energies entirely to make this a customer friendly environment.

Inkspace provides you a right platform to become a great artist, encourage custom designing of all styles plus cover-up tattoos. They also welcome traveling and freelance tattoo artists at their studio who can use their work to generate masterpieces of their own providing them with international standards inks and highly qualified equipments.