Name:-Rahul Mitra

Since :-12 Years

Favorite Tattoo Artist :-Silvano Fiato, Carlos Torres , Eva , Ivana, Arlo, Lil B

Location:-Koramangala, Bangalore


Have you ever taken formal art training from a younger age or are you self-taught?

I am a self taught tattoo artist and have been tattooing since 2006. It started with my friends a very random idea to and do a tattoo.  The tattoo design which guys loved it and next day another friend too wanted and then they encouraged me to go ahead and explore the tattoo world.

As a hobby my friends would let me do designs with dip n poke technique which was a raw form of tattooing. This helped in the basics to understand the nature of the skin and different techniques required for various designs. Nowadays we also undertake students who are enthusiastic to learn tattoo and teach them. RnD also gave me a good find on many tattoo artist best around the world.



What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

I was inspired to become a tattoo artist at a young age when I was at school and tattoos was still not a social concept. Everyone was aware tattoo as a social stigma of indiscipline.

As an artist I understood tattoo as an art and is a beautiful feeling to wear one and to become a tattoo artist would be an emergence of a reformed art culture in India too. With the knowledge of being able to tattoo somebody with that trust and create something special for that individual gives an immense inspiration to being a tattoo artist.



What are your biggest challenges as a tattoo artist?

My biggest challenges as a tattoo artist is none as I enjoy everything about it. As a tattoo artist you get to learn a lot and not just about it’s art culture but also the aesthetics of human life and their values towards this art.

Although, sometimes while we do the custom designs we need to get a view of the persons concepts and expectations. Which could sometimes be a challenge to be on the same page and we do our best to get the best concept ideas.



What are your biggest strengths as a tattoo artist?

My biggest strength as a tattoo artist is that I keep myself versatile to any ideas concepts or designs or different style of artwork from minimalism to hyper realism to other custom designs. I prefer a lot more of shading and detailed designed art. Colors are also my fav. depending on the design. We are open to all ideas and create every design especially designed for the individual and we do not repeat the same design so as to keep the trademark of a tattoo real.



How do you console a person who is experiencing pain while drawing a tattoo?

We suggest our clients to take good rest and eat well before a tattoo session. Along the session we give breaks and talk to them about how excited they are with their new tattoo etc. We ease our clients by engaging them in the process of controlling their threshold and making them aware that they get used to the process.



Rahul Mitra is from Kalimpong. As a hobby he started tattooing in 2006 and with some experience he started to take appointments as a free lancer travelling around cities in India.

As a self-taught tattoo artist and learning different styles of tattooing has made his tattoo style very versatile. To doing from portraits to hyper-realism tattoo and minimalism tattoo with many other custom designs. Color tattoos are also his favourite.


In Bangalore he started with his first tattoo studio “BIRTHMARK TATTOO N CUSTOMS STUDIO” in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Been part of sunburn goa for 4 years consecutively a tattoo stall inside the sunburn arena live tattooing.

As a self-taught tattooist he enjoy all and different styles of tattooing. Making it a solace dedication to create best tattoos around the world. He Hand craft every design to tattoo and make a unique piece for every individual . Hygiene is his first priority with best tattoo results for years with no colors fades or bulginess or smudge on tattoo.He provided with the best quality certified tattoo supply from America, which he used for tattoo making.

Also featuring in the Top best 10 all India best tattoo artist. He would like to thank all his clients and friends for their love and support to birthmark Tattoo N Customs .