Mirage Tattoos by Ashok Kashyap


Name:-Ashok Kashyap

Since :-7 Years

Favorite Tattoo Artist :-There is no specific Tattoo Artist because I follow lots of Indian and International Tattoo Artists

Location:-New Delhi


What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

The LA Ink Tv show.



What was your first tattoo ever?

The Om tattoo on my neck and the first tattoo on someone that one is tribal tattoo.



Have you ever taken formal art training from a younger age or are you self-taught?

No I haven’t taken any formal training in my younger age because that time my parents don’t know about Tattoos. I am self taught tattoo artist.



Which body parts are you most comfortable making a tattoo on?

I’m comfortable making tattoos on all parts of body like legs, Arms, chest, back, neck etc.



How do you console a person who is experiencing pain while drawing a tattoo?

Just talking with him/her. About him/her achievements, pets, work, playing favourite songs. In short, engage with him/her while making tattoo.

ABOUT Mirage Tattoos by Ashok Kashyap


Ashok Kashyap is a self taught best tattoo artist in Dwarka, New Delhi. He is a known name in the field of Tattoo Art. He has given a lot to this field in a very short span of time. Just by 2011, he has showcased not only more but quality work. The only thing behind his hard work and the efforts is his deep routed passion for making tattoos.
It all started from the one TV show ‘ LA Ink’ that time he was not aware that he’s going to became a Tattoo Artist. But that Tv show create a spark on him. After that he researched about tattooing. Slowly gradually he learnt about tattooing by himself through watching videos, attending Tattoo seminars and Tattoo convention. Passing every day by day he learn more and more and still he is learning and enjoy every moment as a Tattoo Artist.

He started professionally making tattoo from 2011. According to him, Professional means “Never compromise with the hygiene, Never compromise with the neatness, Never compromise with the quality and Never compromise with the professionalism”. His Favorite style is Realism but he also like dot work, scripts, abstract, Polynesian and many more.