What inspired you to become a tattoo artist?

Tattooing is something really personal.A person who comes to get a tattoo is in a way trusting you with his/her life. It is the artistic freedom as well as responsibility that attracted me to it.



Have you ever taken formal art training from a younger age or are you self-taught?

Sadly,in India,I don’t think there’s anything such as formal training.Yes, you work with an established tattoo artist and learn from them but that’s not formal is it? I’ve always been inclined towards drawing and sketching and tattooing was just an extension of the same.



Which body parts are you most comfortable making a tattoo on?

Every body part is a blank canvas for me.My clients mostly have a reason for selecting a body part for their ink and I trust their decisions, and if I don’t, we discuss it and decide on something better.



How do you console a person who is experiencing pain while drawing a tattoo?

Tattooing is not as much about fashion as it is about reason.Most of my clients have a story behind why they are getting a certain tattoo made. I like to listen to them,hear their stories and while that happens,their conviction of getting the tattoo only becomes stronger.As a result, pain is no longer something they worry about.



What do you feel was one of your biggest struggles as a tattoo artist?

As tattoo artists, we need to be respected for our work.While our clients understand us,a majority of people still consider tattooing a taboo. That’s a war we all are fighting and hopefully,someday this struggle would be over. Another thing that breaks my heart is when people go to semi-skilled or not-so-hygienic places to save money on their tattoos. That’s dangerous.Don’t have it instead.



From where is your personal art and designs inspired?

From each one of my clients. Each client who walks through the door leaves a piece of their life, their choices and their thought process with me.Each one of those stories is my inspiration.



What are your biggest strengths as a tattoo artist?

Well,I guess I try to be the best friend my clients have. It’s worked for me pretty well.

ABOUT Artista Sunny Tattoos by Sunny | Delhi


Sunny is a professional tattoo artist based in Delhi and works in an around.He has been tattooing/sketching since 2015.He does all type of tattoos but lime work tattoos is his speciality.His favorite tattoo artist is Arlo Dicristina.