Singer Shruti Kharbanda


Singer Name:-Shruti Kharbanda

Since :-2011


First song ever sung?

It was Bhajan at the age of three in a Kirtan. It was a new experience.



Who is your favourite singer?

There are so many artist bringing good music but my favourite and idol singer is Shreya ghoshal.



Ten years from now you will be?

I wish to be a Play back singer with alot of solo albums of my own.



Any particular Actor or Director you wish to work with?

It is a dream to work with A R Rehman, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and  Sir Shankar Mahadevan.



Any advice how to conquer stage fright

Think of your performance as tribute to music itself. Sing with confidence and enjoy the music. Most importantly interact with the audience.


ABOUT Shruti Kharbanda

Shruti Kharbanda is an artist,music teacher and a learner. She is from Ludhiana,Punjab. She although being a visually impaired,proves that nothing is impossible and become an inspiration not to give up. She faced many hurdles and obstacles but atlast overcome it calmly and become an inspiration.
Shruti ‘s journey is different in a way that she unlike other children she studied in Vocational Rehabilitation for Blinds where she studied Braille language. After matriculaton, She studied in normal school where she gave exams through writer. She ranked top in her school as well after that She did her Graduation and diploma in music. Currently she is agovernment Music teacher . She took her music training from Sr Iqbal Singh Ji. She still learning and teachs music. She is also the member of Swar Manthan which promote classical music.

Talking about achievements, She participted in many competitions and won many prizes. She won many classical ad Ghazal competition. She participated in Sangam Kala competition and also harvallabh and many more. She also participated in Voice Of Punjab Season 8. Her potential and work for the music is what she deserve to be and this inspires others to strengthen themselves and fight with life to reach the heights of glory. All in all, she is a teacher,  motivator,learner and singer.