Singer Amrapali Shinde


Singer Name:-Amrapali Shinde

Since :-4 Years

Favourite Venue:-Humming tree & Hard Rock Cafe.


If we were to turn on your Ipod right now, what five artists/songs would we see on your recently played list?

1) Fkj- Tadow
2) Is Rather Go Blind – Etta James
3) Prateek Kuhad -Tum Jab Paas
4) Motorhead – Enter Sandman
5) La Vien Rose – Louis Armstrong



Ten years from now you will be?

Ten years from now I will be on mars hopefully making music with my fellow aliens. (I like being humours, And also I believing in being what I want to be today not tomorrow or 10 years down the lane 🙂



What is your favourite song?

Tadow by FKJ I play it like all the time! When I’m sad when I’m happy when I’m angry when I’m excited like everyime even people around know that song because it’s on a loop for almost 7 months now.



Any particular actor or director with whom you dream to work with?

I wouldn’t say a dream but I would love to get James mcavoy to feature in one of music videos ! I think he’s one of the finest actors !



Any advice on how to conquer stage fight?

As legends say if you have major stage fright then imagine that everybody in front of you (I.e. the audience ) is naked. Always helps!

ABOUT Amrapali Shinde


Amrapali Shindhe is a young Singer-Songwriter from Bangalore who sings Pop, Soul , R&B, Rock & Bollywood. She was rapidly seen in the scene after she released her first album at the age of 15 with her father “ Basava In You” singing Basavanna Vachanas in folk rock. After which she won the Radio Indigo “Glam Jam” with her band. After which she opened for Arijit Singh’s concert in Bangalore Phoenix Market City. Her Big break was when she aired on “THE VOICE”
India’s first season on “&TV” top 14 in Team Shaan. And has over 2.5 million views on youtube. Amrapali has also been part of “STRISVARA” Which is a project uniting women musicians across the world .With International women, Urban Indian women and Rural Women musician joining hands together to make an impact on the world through music. Amrapali has performed at different venues across India :

  • Performed at Bangalore Midnight Marathon hosted by Rotary .Performed in Indranagar Club
  • Performed at venues like Humming tree, Bootlegger, Socials, Murphy’s, The pauls, Lalit ashok, JW Marriot, Phoenix Market City, Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru etc.
  • Performed at Sunday Soul Sante
  • Performed for Moonstone Hammock
  • Performed for clients like Kotak Mahindra,Technology Summit Bangalore , Rotary, Cisco etc
  • Aired on Radio Mirchi & Radio One