singer aayushi sharma

If I was to turn on your ipod now,what five artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?

Artists – Sunidhi chauhan , lady gaga , arijit singh , jagjit singh , neha kakkar
Songs -mayya mayya , nayi paheli , chandlier , jhuki jhuki si nazar , ashique banaya


singer aayushi sharma


Ten years from now you will be?

On one of the biggest stage between millions of crowd screaming my name on my songs.


singer aayushi sharma


Any advise how to conquer stage fright?

By just not thinking anything otherthan music,go on stage with the thought of performing with all your soul,making a special connection with audience.Do what you are meant to do.


singer aayushi sharma


First song ever sung?

Zara si dilme de jagah from jannat movie


singer aayushi sharma


What are the five things you can’t live without?


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ABOUT Aayushi Sharma


Aayushi sharma is a multi genre vocalist from delhi.She is also a freelancer vocalists for many renowned bands of delhi. She has started from 2013 and has performed in various universities and rock shows all over the country. Performed in more than 200 shows that includes social events,corporate events,club shows,college fests, destination weddings .The vocalist is not limited to any particular genre.She generally sing songs which falls in the category of rock n peppy numbers.Apart from it,she loves to experiment with her vocals and songs.She had worked with bands which shows fusion of different genres. She is known for her versatility and madness for music on stage.She believes in performing with enthusiasm not only as a musician. Compositions of her are composed in such a way that a common man can relate to.Each and every song brings out a different emotion.