Since :-More than 26 years, entertaining people through my beats

Favourite Venue:-Music is oxygen to me. So, the favourite venue is where music prevails.

What are currently some of the most important tools and instruments you are using?

As an artist I am infused with a keen desire to entertain every kind of person with my talent so, I am very fond of collecting instruments from different states of the country. Every instrument has it’s unique sound and it’s own calibre to touch someone’s heart. Some people like the sound of Dhol, some fall for the Tabla while some enjoy listening to a Darbuka hence, I keep my bag filled with a great variety. Presently, I am using numerous instruments like Dhol from Punjab, Instruments from Delhi, Istanbul and many more from different states of the country. Well, I believe that innovation is indispensible for growth and so I have designed a very creative concept of “Laser Percussions” where I perform wearing lasers in my hands and on my head giving a very colourful and beautiful touch to my shows. This perfect amalgamation of audio and visual has just been designed to shower lots of love and colours in every soul’s life. Another feather in my cap is a transparent Darbuka launched by the company called Wambooka. We have infused lights into it to give it an extra-ordinary look. I am glad that I am the 1st Indian to posses this instrument and has been chosen as it’s brand ambassador to endorse it throughout our country. Many more new concepts are coming soon from my side as I love to walk in the corridors of eternity.



What made you decide that you wanted to be a percussionist?

As a child, I have grown up listening to the melodies of my grandmother and my father use to play instruments to compliment her beautiful prayers. This led me towards the world of music. I could easily take out sound from anything and everything ranging from as small as a glass, a spoon, a can, a paper or as big as an almirah. Also, I had immense love towards different shapes and sounds, specially circle and hence, most of the percussions I have are circular. I feel blessed to share that my father was the first person to observe these interests and recognise my talent.

He bought me my first Tabla and from there my journey towards the world of percussion began. Initially it was Tabla but gradually I started trying my hands on varied instruments. Artists like Late Ustad Shafaat Ahmed Khan Sahab, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Mr. Sivamani and people like Pete Lockett who are real gems of percussion always fascinated me and have been a great inspiration in driving me towards this field.

Being a percussionist is a huge responsibility because collaborating with eminent artists and meeting the expectations of the audience needs courage. But the best part is that you get a chance to gel with any instrument player, Vocalist, DJ, Band and this opens numerous horizons for a percussionist. Music gives you the flavour of freedom and makes you feel alive. Percussion is my passion as here I get to experiment with varied sounds and make use of different scales as well. Hence, I chose it and believe that I am blessed with the best.



How young should someone be to take percussion lessons?

Talent doesn’t come with any age bar. It’s simply a blessing by the divine which once recognised, should definitely be channelized. So, I believe that there’s no particular age to take percussion lessons or to aspire to be a percussionist. The day one realises that he’s meant for this field, is the day he should jump into the melodious ocean of percussion. I started my journey at a very tender age of four and since then there’s no turning back. It has been more than 26 years that I am enthusiastically following my passion. Hence, there’s no fixed age to take percussion lessons. You should start when you feel fit for it. All I would say is that, just listen to your heart and get set go whenever it asks you to start.



What message or career advice would you like to give?

All I want to tell you is that if a guy from a middle-class family who had no money to buy even a single instrument at one point of time can achieve his dreams, then anyone can. Yes, I am talking about myself. There was a time when I had no money to buy even one percussion instrument for myself and today my room is filled with 30-35 instruments. You name any instrument and I have that in my bag. Anything you see in percussions, I can buy that right now. So, if I can do it, you can do it too. See, dreams come true but only for those who believe in their beauty. So, I would just say that, dare to dream and dare to have a never dying attitude in achieving yourdreams.

Be true to your art, your teachers, mentors and your parents because that’s the only way to be true to the divine. Accumulate lots of love and blessings from everyone around you as that’s the biggest source of real energies. Just be original, fearlessly follow your heart and don’t forget that hardwork, persistence, determination and passion can never go out of fashion. These factors are a pre-requisite to success. So, firstly visualise what you want to achieve and then work hard to materialise it, this will surely make you unstoppable and successful.


ABOUT Veshesh


Veshesh literally means “Extra-ordinary”!

Well, Veshesh the Percussionist believes that he’s not extra-ordinary but, an ordinary person

with extra-ordianry Energy, Enthusiasm, Zest and Zeal. Veshesh is a child prodigy passionately playing music from the tender age of 4, schooled in the traditional gharana styles of Ajarara and Varanasi, he has been trained on table by guru Pandit Radhey Shyam and is a state level winner in Tabla instrument. He is blessed to attain invaluable dictates from the living legend Dr. Zakhir Hussain and also meet and imbibe lessons from evergreen musical maestro Hari Prasad Chaurasiya, Sabir Khan, Faizal Qureshi, Sivamani, contemporary artists Vishal Shekhar and Sajid Wajid.

He has a degree of Sangeet Prabhakar and a diploma from AAFT, Marwah Studio in sound recording and music video editing where he bagged the best student award for himself. Today, Veshesh is a National Award winning Percussionist, a government certified DJ and a music producer who has been entertaining people for more than 26 years now with his amazing music.

He’s adept at mixing electronic music, Dub step, House, Psychedelic, hip-hop, Trance, Jazz, Country, Retro, Techno Break beat, Mridangam, Drums, Electronic Dhol, Duffi to name a few. Also, innovation is golden to this man and hence, he has something new for his fans everytime! Collaborating and performing with various eminent artists is his passion and so, he has performed live with Atif Aslam and had a very Fine Jugalbandi at Red Live, performed at the opening set of Sonu Nigam show in Bangkok in 2011 and also at various private corporate shows in countries like London, Paris and Switzerland for Apollo tyres annual meet in Hong Kong, Mercedez Benz, Audi, Hitachi etc.

He even jammed live with the younger brother of Zakhir Hussain, with Shahrukh Khan, Kajol & Varun Dhawan for Dilwale, Govinda for the Launch Of Hero No.1, Reteish Deshmukh for Banjo promotions and has performed with many more stalwarts during these 26 years of his percussion journey. Veshesh has released his album, Percussion Podcast 1 and Percussion Podcast 2 which has been played on top channels of London, Paris, Dubai and Switzerland and tremendously touched millions of souls.

Work to express and people automatically gets impressed is the mantra. Keeping this in mind. Veshesh loves to perform at parties, college fests, events and concerts and he strongly believes that music definitely acts as a threat among people of various cultures, sects and countries. So, he aims at creating a boundary less world through his beats. For his endeavors he has been interviewed by leading media groups and channels like Sahara ncr, P7 news, Ayur Living Indias and Pragya and radio channels like Radio Mirchi with RJ Naved, Meow now ‘Oye’ 104.8, Rainbow FM 102.6. and has been acknowledged with Kala Sahib Kardigal award, Delhi Sikh Public’s Association Award for brilliance in Music and many more.

Don’t miss the chance to feel all the great energies that Veshesh sprinkles all around during his performances. You’ll definitely have one of the best moments of your life there.