Hiten Panwar


Name:-Hiten Panwar

Since :-35 Years

Favourite Venue:-Every place that gives you work is godly.


What are currently some of the most important tools and instruments you are using?

I use a variety of instruments, which change according to the event. I use at least 12-15 instruments every time and I increase them according to the venue and gathering. The constant instruments are Djambe, Darbuka, Duff, Dhol and Tabla.



What made you decide that you wanted to be a percussionist?

I have an uncontrolled passion for music, which has helped me come this way. I literally breathe music and find my solace in music.



How did your dad respond to your budding interest in this?

My father is an artist too, and respects my love for music, he has always been supportive and I learn from him when ever I have any tune stuck in my mind and I cant take it forward.



What message or career advice would you like to give?

Do what makes you happy, and you’ll scale heights you never thought.

ABOUT Hiten Panwar


Hiten and his team began with a very innovative concept of enforcing percussion on an otherwise existing song, where the song plays in the background and the beats and percussion are added apart from the existing ones. His team has been very supportive and they try to come up with different music and avoid monotony. His fans have been a constant support and have helped him grow manifolds. He has been a part of bands like Nasha and Nasya before emerging as a percussionist, and the bands have been very supportive towards his growth as an individual.

Hiten and his team has played in clubs in India as well as internationally. With well renowned artists like Kailash kher, Honey singh, Badshah, Mehak Malhotra etc. and played at many youth fests for well known colleges like Amity University, Pearl Academy, FORE school of management etc. They’ve been associated with various cafes in and around Delhi from past several years and have always given their best, with no excuses. They are Looking forward to make the events more lively and enjoyable.