DJ Vaggy


DJing Name:-Vaggy

Genre:-Bollywood Dance Music

DJing Since :-22 Years

Influences :-DJ Tiesto & John Digweed

Favourite Clubs:-Sensation Club, Crowne Plaza Dubai, Club Boudoir & Dubai.


 What Inspired you to be a DJ?

Even as a child music was a very integral part of my life. I really love music and was ecstatic when I discovered the art of DJing, I realised this was how I could fulfil my dreams of making music my life and career.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?

Before becoming a BDM/EDM DJ, my genre was Electronic which is why I loved seeing the evolution of Bollywood music merging with electronic dance music. So I’d have to say Electronic.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJ’s? 

I believe after the extensive research and study I’ve put into my craft, I’ve gained alot of knowledge about music both technically and practically. I can also read the vibes of my audiences which really helps tailor make my sets  to the moods of the audience.



Who is your biggest inspiration?

They’re both living legends and have been playing for as long as anyone can remember. DJ Tiesto and John Digweed. Much respect for both these DJ’s.




Dj Vaggy began his career in 1995 and has carved a niche for himself as a Bollywood DJ. One of the finest Dj in India knowing exactly what tracks to play and how to grove the party to the next level transforming dance floors into havens of high quality merriment. With no tunes missed Dj Vaggy’s set combust’s a dance music explosion across every sound to satisfy the hearts of the people. He truly believes in Sharing his Music with others. He is very dedicated and passionate about his Music.

DJ VAGGY’s  songs  have charted #1 on the leading music portal – www.hearthis.at

Never cornered into one style, he drops his mixes and unleashes it to the world while sharing skills to the youth. As a DJ, Vaggy has been described in many Ways – But creativity, innovation and cutting edge are the three best ways to describe Vaggy’s style. After being for so long in the industry, Vaggy has made for himself by staying at the top of the league with seamlessly blending one track into another has made him unique. He also owns the best Djing and Music Production Academy in Pune called “SPIN DOCTORS ACADEMY

He plays various Genre’s of music right from HOUSE, EDM, BOLLYWOOD, REGGAE, DOWNTEMPO, DANCEHALL, HILL-HOP to name a few.