DJ Sharath | Bangalore


DJing Name:-DJ Sharath

Genre:-Bollywood,Commercial,Techno,Retro and EDM

DJing Since :-2006

Influences :-DJ Tiesto, Solomon, John Digweed, Eric Prydz, DJ NYK, DJ Lloyd Gueizelar


What inspired you to be a DJ?

Music has been with me since childhood and I have always believed in one-man show.Making so many people groove to one single track and controlling the vibe is what got me into DJing.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?

Me being a multi-genre DJ,strongly believe in music than genres.Whether it be a Bollywood, commercial, Techno, retro or dance music.



Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is DJ Tiesto,Carlcox,Eric Prydz,John digweed.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

My mantra is very simple – Initially get them grooving and suddenly drop a bomber track.



Do you have a specialty?

Yes, I play a video set and its called Box office Tv (VDJ).


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ABOUT Sharath | Bangalore


DJ Sharath is one of the Youngest,Versatile and well known DJ’s to break out from Bangalore since 2006 with a successful career taking him all over the corporate and clubbing scenes across India.He was quickly enticed into the dance music world and been working with the industry.