DJ SAMI S-CLEF | Resident DJ MYX (Kolkata)



Genre:-Hip HOP, RnB, Bollywood, EDM, Psytrance

DJing Since :-10 Years

Influences :-DJ AQEEL


What inspired you to be a DJ?

It happened all of a sudden. I went to a 31st dec eve party way back in 2005 for the first time. I saw a man on stage with lights flashing on his face from all corners – people calling out his name. On asking who he was I got to know he was a DEEJAY and he was in-charge of the music. Being from a middle-class family I was able to afford a regular ticket for the party so I wasn’t even allowed to go near the stage because that’s where the VIPs were. But nevertheless, I managed to reach the DJ(name withheld) and had a conversation with him regarding Deejaying. In 2016 I shared the stage with the same DJ in a music festival. The Aura – the flashiness of the DJ – people making you feel important – the music – the headphones – people trying to get near the DJ – It was more than enough to inspire me as a DJ.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be? 

Being the resident DJ of the number one nightclub in the city Kolkata “The Myx “- I have my hands on almost every genre.  I play long hour sets which varies from 4 to 6 hours where I mix up all the genres starting from HIP HOP/ RNB to BOLLYWOOD to ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC and closing the night with PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE.



Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

My Elder Brother



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

I think all DJs are unique in their own way. We, humans, have a brain and each brain is unique in its own way. But still on asking what makes me different from other DJs – I can make a long list. If shortened I would say my Versatility in genres of music – 70% of the tracks in my playlist is produced by me, I hardly play downloaded music, most of the tracks are either produced, edited or mashed up by me. I do parallel mixing & live mashups – I use a lot of samples & vocal chops while playing live. I am a wifi DJ as well so just in case if anyone has any out of the box request  -it can be taken care of easily.



How would you describe your style?

Versatile – Flexible – Classy.


ABOUT SAMI S-CLEF | Resident DJ MYX (Kolkata)