DJ Manish Puri


DJing Name:-Manish

Genre:-Retro, Bollywood and bit of hip hop

DJing Since :-2000

Influences :-Axwell, Jerome isma se, Mark Knight, Paul Thomas, purple disco machine , claptone, hot since 82 and many more.

Favourite Clubs:-MKOP, Dublin(old ones), BW and Privee (the new ones)


What inspired you to be a DJ?

My first ever experience of a DJ was in the year 1997, after my 12th board exams, when I heard a DJ playing at IG  stadium for a concert called Mr & Miss High School. The thumping sound in that huge closed stadium moved my heart and soul and that was the moment when I decided that this (DJ ) is what I want to be in my life.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?

House has been my all-time favorite. I have always loved to play commercial clubhouse mix with a funky and upbeat house. So even today if someone asks me to play the music which I love the most, House is my favorite.




Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

My biggest inspiration has always been Dj Sunny Sarid and Dj Jazzy Joe. And I have immense respect for Dj Sunny Sarid. Anybody in this world can teach you the ways, to be honest, famous and inspire you to work hard but Sunny sir has always told us and make us understand the importance of being humble and not to loose ourselves while being on top. He is my ideal mentor and I still cherish the chit chat sessions I use to have with him every Friday and Saturday night after finishing our working hours in Dublin.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

I feel that over the period of time I have worked at a lot of places and with a lot of various and multi-genre DJ’s. So my repertoire starts from playing slow Rock to retro to hip hop to house. I somewhere feel that my exposure has made me strong enough to stand in any kind of working atmosphere and understand the vibe of the place and crowd and modulate the music and sound accordingly. Hence I’ll not say it makes me different but certainly a bit unique and adoptive to the whole condition around.



How would you describe your style?

My style is very adaptive to the club, circumstances, and people around me. For example, a bar where the main emphasis is on food and liquor, there the hard banging style music doesn’t work. Hence the priority will be to make people comfortable in their own zone as they have come to chill and talk and not hear banging music. Hence my music will be kind of deep house and nu-disco towards the later hours. Similarly, if I’m playing at a big room club then again my slot makes the difference of the music. For the early evening, I’ll prefer some know commercial easy tunes and will later shift to more contemporary dance numbers, maybe some bouncy EDM or some mashups.


ABOUT Manish Puri


Djing for me has never been a profession, but something which has come out from my heart and soul. In my 20 years career, I have always tried to play sounds which are new and unique and hence tried to fit in a DJ’s job of teaching the crowd with new music. Clubs have always been more like a religious place where I have always stepped in not only to be recognized with respect but also to give people a good time and experience which will always make them come for more and make them feel different about the place and music.

Playing regular music which has been played in every other club around the corner has never been my concept. Hence this is what had made me stand apart and my music reaches out to good listeners and followers.