DJ Kam | Resident DJ | Lords Of The Drink Mumbai |


DJing Name:-Kam


DJing Since :-2006


What inspired you to be a DJ?


My tryst with this started since College, time progressed and I actively learnt DJing which got GIGS on my own Merit and there on it’s just been a journey of playing at some of the most amazing venues with some of the Best Artists of the Company.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?


I Play a variety of Music and that according to me differentiate from the rest. From commercial to Bollywood and everything in between, even though I played a varied range of music I know for a fact that audience would recognize me with the kind of music that I play.



How do you get the crowd pumped?


Nothing Gives me a bigger thrill than watching people let loose and enjoy themselves on the dance floor, mantra of getting the crowd pumped up is simple just play as per the Audience.



Do you have a specialty?


Everything I play, I play it LIVE. Apart from the whole plethora of music mashups has also been my thing off late, wherein I create these mashups on the fly. There have been times where I have created EDM & BDM mixes, old school hip-hop blended with bollywood hip -hop.

ABOUT Kam | Resident DJ | Lords Of The Drink Mumbai |


DJ Kam is one of the esteemed D of today’s entertainment. DJ cam has been creative with his talent in all music genres to fit the right occasions to all his clients. Dj Kam’s passion towards his work has always kept him notable over many years. Dj Kam’s aim is to obtain a position in the music industry by his knowledge & talent.

Started at the age of 19yrs at REDBOX CAFE & there after there was no stopping. A big lover of electronic dance music When I am playing I love to watch crowd and feeling what they want next and then giving it to them next.. This is how I describe myself,  Life for Music… DJ kam!