DJ Harsh Bhutani


DJing Name:-Harsh Bhutani

Genre:-Bollywood, Pop, House, Commercial, EDM

DJing Since :-17 Years

Influences :-Dj Aqeel, Dj Akbar Sami, Dj Sunny Sarid, Dj Suketu, DJ Akhtar

Favourite Clubs:-Club Boudoir, Dubai ; Ice Taj By Vivanta, Bangalore; Block 22, Hyderabad to name a few.


 What inspired you to be a DJ?

“PASSION FOR MUSIC” this is what exactly drove Harsh Bhutani towards being a professional disk jockey 15 years back. Since then there is been no looking back for me. From playing unusual instruments like Congo and Tabla to having done vocals for school fests music was something which always attracted me.



How would you describe your style?

My style can be summed up in 1 word – DESI. Pick up a role and i will fit into it – Dj, Remixer, Music Producer, Stand up comedian, Mentor, Entertainer. I believe in connecting with people where ever i go. According to me “BE WHAT YOU ARE and REST WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF” is what get me going.



 How do you get the crowd pumped?

According to me the drive to get people grooving  primarily come from within, it’s you who is behind the decks so you need to be able to inspire the crowd, i thinks travelling to different  cities  and seeing the love people have for music and partying are a big driving force. Putting a smile on people’s faces and giving them a night to remember what it’s all about.



Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

There cannot be an Indian wedding without the desi beats. So the man who fits best to play at weddings is me the desi king. Apart from getting the crowd groove to my desi beats i am a  complete package in myself.

ABOUT Harsh Bhutani


A  well spoken, articulate and professional DJ with a clear voice, excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and co-ordination, is what exactly describes your Desi King Dj Harsh Bhutani.

“PASSION FOR MUSIC” this is what drove Harsh Bhutani towards being a professional disk jockey 17 years back and since then there is no looking back for him.    From the time he spinned the disc at the age of 22 the crowd has been grooving to his melodies of  Bollywood …the beat of Pop, the simplicity of house, the trend of commercial & the energy of electronic dance music player.

His weekly show is running high on the charts on Fever 104 FM every Saturday across many cities in the country (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore to name a few). Yes now you know where to catch up with him!

Harsh’s music has been proclaimed throughout the world at festivals, concerts, night clubs, weddings and much admired by Top Dj’s – Dj Aqeel, Dj Akbar Sami, Dj Sunny Sarid, Dj Suketu, DJ AKtar to name a few. Clubbers and party lovers have been dancing to his tunes in Spain Switzerland, Spain, Mauritius, Turkey, UAE,  Thailand, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Nepal, Malaysia, India and many more since 2000.

Resident Dj at Club Felix by Dainik Jagran Group for the past 11years , founder and mentor at H&M academy for budding artists, founder and director at Dj Harsh Bhutani Events & Entertainment, the Desi King is has truly been an inspiration for many.