DJ Elektrohit


DJing Name:-Elektrohit

Genre:-Bollywood, Commercial, Punjabi & Hip-hop

DJing Since :-2011

Favourite Clubs:-Privee


What inspired you to be a DJ?

‘MUSIC’ when I started listening to music, I realized a certain kick, that ‘something’ running down my spine. Eventually, I realized this is what I want.


Playing whole night compromising your sleep, is it totally worth?

Precisely it is worth playing and being next to nocturnal animal besides managing my twisted body clock.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

My crowd is the most essential motto to play. They are my ULTIMATE. You see a mixed crowd entering clubs these days, people NOW know music and understand it too. Hence they have their own favorites. With experience, one gets to know what is the crowd expecting from us. We have to empathize and understand the crowd. Not always do you find audience wanting to play Peppy numbers, there are times when ‘Love is the air’ and you tend to turn the notes from Dancy to Bollywood romance, the only difference is they see my hands widespread and Not Shahrukh Khan’s




What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

‘Self Praise is no recommendation’ like you can’t judge the book by its cover. Hence you got to attend my show to find it and believe it. I prefer playing exclusive edits and remixes which makes my set unique from others.




Current main challenges as a DJ? What’s your future plan?

There’s a rat race in every profession these days. But, I AM NOT A RAT. I am going at my own pace. There’s indeed a cut-throat competition which at times hampers other DJs because there are few ruining the market with free services or dearth cheap prices. Future plans – Would love to be a Music Producer or an Arranger for Bollywood.

ABOUT Elektrohit


RohitPandey or best known by his stage name, Elektrohit is one of India’s well-acclaimed DJ, songwriter & music producer. He has produced an impressive list of remixes since 2010 & the hot remixes made it to every club DJ’s playlist & India’s leading radio stations in no time. Elektrohit is known to have performed at countless esteemed clubs in India & globally.

Elektrohit believes nothing besides music gives him the freedom to express himself and his creativity freely. His music speaks great volumes about him and he aims to continue connecting with his fans worldwide through his music indefinitely.