DJ DJ Shaan | Dj of Hard Rock Cafe (Mumbai)|


DJing Name:-DVJ Shaan

Genre:-Rock, Retro, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop & R&B, Commercial House, EDM, Bollywood.


What inspired you to be a Dj?

Music has always been my inspiration and i always wanted to do something with the music.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be ?

Bollywood and Commercial is my genre and i cant think of anything else. may be i will go for Hip Hop.



What is that makkes you different from other Dj’s ?

What makes me different i produce, remmix play with visuals, Do my own video edits of my own mixes, crowd reading and choice of song.



How would you describe your style?

For me just playing as Dj to the audience is just not enough. I believe in touching the pulse and get them dancing to my beats. I believe in innovation and thats how i create  my own visuals that compliments my remixes. I want my patrons to keep coming back for me.



Why should i choose you as my wedding Dj?

Wedding is a ver special occcasion, it is a memory which stays with you for lifetime. What is an Indian wedding without any awesome ” Thumkas”.

I am a bollywood Dj customising my own bollywood remixes and you need to hera it to believe it. i have been spinning in quite a wedding and private parties for last 6 years.


ABOUT DJ Shaan | Dj of Hard Rock Cafe (Mumbai)|


DVJ Shaan has become, over the past 6 years of arduous work in combination with his genuine love of music, a master in the art of editing with the music and production. Some of his famous remixes include GULABI AANKHE, GALTI SE MISTAKE, TERA GHATA, MADE IN INDIA and many more. DVJ Shaan blends the visual beauty and energy with an electric mix of music and beats that transcends any taditional Dj experience. He mainly dabbles in bollywood music and has ability to piece together like a mosaic, the sound of teh story and the visual of the sound found in the majesty of his work.