DJ Bhabani | Resident Dj | Gilly’s Resto Bar (Bangalore) |


DJing Name:-DJ Bhabani

Genre:-Hip Hop, Trap, Bollywood, Commercial, Break Beats, Funk, House, Techno

DJing Since :-3 Years

Influences :-DJ Kool Herc, Grand Master Flash, DJ Goapu

What inspired you to be a DJ?

HIP HOP culture inspired me to be a DJ. I started my career as a B-Boy and choreographer. While dancing I have attended few of dance workshops of Ken Swift (Rock Steady Crew, New York), Poppin Pete (Electric Boogaloos, California, Also choreographed in few of Michael Jackson Albums). They advised learning either any musical instrument or DJING to understand musicality.  Hence I chose DJING. I love the music from childhood days hence left my high paid IT job and made djing as my full-time profession.


If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be?

Techno, on which I have started working on for a long time.


Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

DJ Kool Herc, Grand Master Flash. The reason I have a lot of respect for them cause back in the day the technology was not advance but these people have invented and created so many things and gave music industry so much knowledge. They have made a whole generation happy with their music. Gave people full entertainment and joy. Same time they have created something which helped to stop the violence and gang wars in New York.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

The difference is, I always do my job as per my crowd’s choice and client’s requirement. I prepare a set for my gigs but I changed it and go for freestyling if it is required as per the people’s choice. I monitor my guest and able to know what time what type of choice of music they want. All my job is to make the crowd happy and I am best at it.  I play multiple genres of music. I am best at all the genres I play.  I am a dancer too which helps me more to choose good quality of music and understand what are the beats on which people will groove on. These are few things make me different than others.



How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as freestyle which is a mix of beat scratching and using some creative technique to make the music sound modified and better.


ABOUT Bhabani | Resident Dj | Gilly’s Resto Bar (Bangalore) |


DJ Bhabani is best known as a DJ who understands the crowd and their musical needs. Has played reputed pubs and events across India. Has good expertise in multiple genres of music. Hip Hop culture inspired Bhabani to become a DJ when he was was a choreographer and a boy. The love for music was always there in him from childhood. He started collecting music and making mixtapes back in the days 2006 by using the CD and cassette tapes. His weekly gigs are Wednesday Ladies Night with DJ Bhabani at Gilly’s RestoBar (Kundanahalli, Banglore), Ministry of MYU (MYU BAR, Koramangala Bangalore), Full House Fridays at Kormangala Gilly’s Resto Bar. He has done gigs for 5-star hotel properties like Courtyard Marriot and Ritz Carlton.

In 2017 he has done an underground hip-hop dance battle event for The Hiranandani Builders in Mumbai. Has done shows for IT companies like Accenture, Dell, and TCS. Has played also in hip-hop dance battles for the professional and international dancers. He got inspired by the  DJs around the globe DJ Cool Herc (New York), Grand Master Flash (New York), DJ Snake, Major Lazer. DJ Goapu (India). A resident at Gilly’s Resto Bar, Bangalore by GAG Associates. Has expertise in a different genre of music. A true performer and entertainer.