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DJing Name:-DJ Ananth

Genre:-Retro, Hip-hop, EDM

Influences :-DJ AM, Daft Punk, Richie Hawtin, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Steve Aoki

Favourite Clubs:-Social (Kormanagala), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Radio Room (Chennai) and of course my Residence Bike and Barrel.



What inspired you to be a DJ?

As a kid, I used to always be an avid music listener and wanted to explore that world, As I researched and found out that DJing was a way not only to listen to music for a living but also you get to listen with the people of the same wavelength and make them happy. The inspiration I drew from different artists and fellow DJs that the list is never-ending.



Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

DJ AM is my biggest inspiration, RIP, His track selection and style of mixing is undoubtedly the best and I draw a lot of inspiration from his sets.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

The difference is that I am not a one genre DJ, which is not that common of a talent now Whenever I am Djing let it be for a warm-up set or a closing one or an all-nighter, I make sure my track selection stands out. I include all genres in my set and even sometimes do a live mix of famous BGMs which actually makes the standout factor.



How would you describe your style?

I wouldn't say my style is the best or a unique one, but I definitely would want to state that my style is so uncommon these days among other DJ's that I would love to see someone perform the way I do. In simple words its entertainment for all.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

The regular top 40 and Bollywood numbers do the trick to get a floor pumped, But throwing in an unexpected mash-up, Mix of a forgotten number or a BGM never fails to impress.



Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

Being a wedding DJ is one of the toughest jobs out there, I always make sure I work with the client at least a week before the go-live date in terms of song selection like for the bride & groom and their friends, collection of genres to be played and proper equipment list and I always work for the comfortability of the client as it is their special occasion,



 Do you have a speciality?

Speciality is my transition of genres, My set always has a minimum of 8-10 genres and all my mixes are bouquets of them.

ABOUT Ananth | | Resident DJ Bike & Barrel (Chennai) |


DJ Ananth is from Chennai South India and has been in the DJ’ing industry since 2007. Performing in various prominent clubs and venues as resident and guest preferences. He has honed his music style to blend and adapt to any crowd maintaining the WOW factor professionally. He adds his personal touch to the genre he plays which sets his style apart from the industry. Remixes and extended mixes of chartbusters tailored by him are his hobbies when he is not DJ’ing and is played in prominent venues across the city.