DJing Name:-AJ

Genre:-Original Bollywood, Sufi Music & English Retro

DJing Since :-13 Years

Influences :-DJ Aqueel, DJ Lemon, Akbar Sami, DJ Akhtar


What inspired you to be a DJ?

Music is my Passion and I always like to make people dance to my tunes.



What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

I play original music which most of the DJs do not play. I don’t play remixes.



How would you describe your style?




Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

Because I’m the best and I understand the ambiance & the vibe of weddings.



Do you have a specialty?

Yes, my specialty is Original Bollywood, Sufi Music & English Retro.



DJ AJ is DJing since 2005. He has worked as resident DJ at the most prominent bars and clubs of Delhi NCR, the most prominent one being Shalom, GK-1. Currently, he is working as a freelance artist and have done gigs all over India & Abroad. Most of his influences come from Bollywood Music.

He plays only original music that many of the DJs across India do not prefer to play. He is also a specialist in Sufi and English Retro. He has a sense of understanding the vibe and ambience of a certain place and make sure that the music he plays suits the venue and pumps up the people.