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Lubna Karim, the face behind Yummy Food. Blogger Yummy Food loves reading and photography is her passion. Blogger Yummy Food like playing around with HTML, Blogger Yummy Food has done a summer course in HTML and Scripting, so she twist, torture and turn out code to make her blog look appealing.

Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

Being a new bride in a new city….with lots of time and longing for mom’s food….all I had was a small hand written book with recipes which I scribbled in hurry before leaving to set my own kitchen. Though I was huge fan of Sanjeev Kapoor’s KhanaKhazana when I was in college and noted down few recipes to try…but I rarely got time to try any of them before marriage…that book was my only ray hope at that time…

Initially for every recipe I cooked….I use to flip the pages of my little note a dozen times. And in this course, I have discovered blogs loaded with tempting recipes, droolsome photos, nostalgic stories and much more….It was like an addiction to me. Whenever I was going to cook any recipe, I use to search for the recipe and as days go by I got hooked to blogs….I started trying out new recipes and got compliments from friends and family….whenever I made/tried something new for them….When my cousins and friends, started saying why don’t I start my own blog…I was like….whether to or not to?????…..But then to keep a track of my own cooking, I thought of starting my own blog. It was very spontaneous thought and soon I decided to name it Yummy Food….because that’s the compliment I still get….smiles…Hence Yummy Food, was born…My day to day cooking is always comprised of simple and easy recipes….so the tagline Fast to Cook, Good to Eat…



What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

As the tagline reads it…Yummy Food is all about fast to cook, good to eat recipes. You can find mostly Indian, Vegan and International recipes. Most of my blog audience are Indians living in India and abroad. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am very proud to say…I have come a long way adapting, adjusting and updating my blog to the latest trends in blogging.


What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?

I have seen many major changes in the past 2-3 years of blogging…call it algorithms, SEO, SEM, social media sharing/marketing of bog posts, etc.;….I think in coming years…blogging will raise to new level and will be more accessible and helpful to the readers in terms of advertising.


Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

True to my heart…I love and enjoy all the three…but if you want me to arrange these basing on my likeness….then I love post writing….writing excites me. I can pour my heart out, making the reader pass through a virtual journey of their childhood or make them realise that life is same at this part of the world or I can take them down the nostalgic memory lane of a food joint, place or anything…so writing always comes first, then recipe development…I love tweaking and playing around with ingredients to come up with new recipes…Finally I love food photography…I enjoy styling food…which is indeed a big challenge….to keep the food as centre attraction…but also playing with props is what excites me a lot in food photography.



Is there any event you are especially looking forward to this year?

I have started a new event, 52 Weeks-52 Weekly Menu Plans-52 Food Bloggers….Weekly Menu Planner-2018. Every Sunday, mid-afternoon, I will be posting a new menu for the coming week…from a new food blogger….every week. These menus are easy to follow and can help in saving time in thinking what to prepare in breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. This event is receiving awesome response from readers, fans and followers of my blog. I have also started a Project 365-2018, a photo project on Instagram, where I will be a posting a fresh click from the world around me every day ….








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ABOUT Yummy Food | Chennai


Lubna Karim, the face behind Yummy Food. A science student turned into a management graduate finally ending up in the kitchen, experimenting and experiencing the joys of cooking along with enjoying her mommyhood being mom to a cute little girl who keeps me on run most of the time.

She loves reading and photography is her passion. She like playing around with HTML, She has done a summer course in HTML and Scripting, so she twist, torture and turn out code to make her blog look appealing. Apart from all this she loves listening to old Hindi melodies.