Blog Pixelpedia_Pri by Priyanka Singh |Delhi|


Blogger Name:-Pixelpedia_Pri

Speciality:-Reviews (Across India)

Since :-2 Years

Favourite Cuisine:-Italian and Indian Street Food


What is the story behind your blog’s name?

Pictures always attract me, I feel they speak thousand words, only one image gives away the whole story. I wanted a name which says every picture has a story. I wondered how do I bring in the two words viz picture and story together. PictureStory sounded too clichéd so I thought why not create a word of my own and I came up with the name Pixelpedia_Pri. Pri here is first three letter of my name, that’s what my family and friends call me dearly. Well, not too exciting enough but this is how I kept the name.



Why did you decide/aspire to start a food blog?

Honestly my new phone and my obsession of trying new places, I wouldn’t want to promote the product for free but I bought a new phone a year and half back and I just started clicking pictures of everything but soon enough to realize that among all the pictures I have a good sense of clicking food pictures. I love the colors and how I can create compositions. That’s how it all began, I started putting them on Instagram and there was no looking back after that.



What is your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging for?

It started with a food blog, now I have shifted a bit towards travel but it’s mainly about food. People who wants to know about new places and good food generally reads it. It’s been an year and half or may be little less since the time I am blogging.



Is there any event you are looking forward to this year?

Not an event, I am just looking forward to cover a lot of delicacy of lot of places. Events don’t attract me much, it’s the places and authentic local food I am more fond of.



Do you have any special blogging tips for new bloggers?

Keep it real, keep it authentic, if you do good work more work will definitely flow in. Don’t give good reviews and good stars unless you really liked the food. Don’t make it a business, do and write what your heart really says. Keep it real!

ABOUT Pixelpedia_Pri by Priyanka Singh |Delhi|


In general, Priyanka Sharma loves telling stories. And among all the stories she loves her food stories the best. Blogging is a way to say her stories aloud. She loves going to new places, trying new food, absorb the culture of that particular place and create memories and stories for life.

There’s one thing which you might find weird, no matter how much she loves a place, she never go back again or in simpler words She  doesn’t repeat places. She doesn’t have favorites!! She feel there is so much to check and visit and review and and absorb talk about, She wouldn’t keep repeating places. Life is too short to repeat!