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Blogger Name:-Onelove Foodlove

Speciality:-Exploring food and new food joints

Since :-1 Year


Why the name Onelove_Foodlove?

While we were looking out names for our page we wanted a simple, catchy, yet an expressive name.
And what better way to express anything other than love. Through the name we wanted to show
that food is just pure love hence the name Onelove_Foodlove.



Why did we decide to start a food blog?

It all started from cooking at home and wanting to pursue a degree in Home science which was of
course declined by parents. Kept the passion alive by cooking at home and also initially it was just
exploring new food joints and places and trying new delicacies and posting the ones we enjoyed.
Thankfully the social media has grown so much that we got good platform to start off.



Which part of blogging excites us most?

We usually take care of every aspect right from choosing what we are trying and what we going to
post how it’s going to look and credits if any. Personally we enjoy the recipe development and the
capture as we first eat through our eyes.



What’s the blog about? Who reads it? How long it’s been?

As said before it’s just our love for food. Trying to bring out best places for everyone be it a casual
hangout, or the birthdays, or any event our page should help. And also we are successful in making
people want to try something better every time because that’s the comments and fed back we get,
people always say that our page tempts them to eat better and try something new.
We both share equal responsibilities and time for the page.
It’s been a year and odd starting off with food blogging and loving every bit of it.


ABOUT Onelove Foodlove


Years ago when I just started to know that I enjoy cooking
It was restricted to my home, family and family events
I had never thought back then that I would take it this seriously
I Chaitra manjunath pursuing my interior designing, anytime soon will be interning in a architectural firm.
Cooking has always been a interest and pure love for me, I am not a pro are very good and learning everyday, I have just started learning doing mistakes and then learn from  them again and be better at what I do a lot of cooking and by for cooking is most fun thing and antidepressant for me.
I see myself as a entrepreneur in coming years so bloggin is one milestone or stepping stone in my life. Initially it all started with hitting my favourite places and trying my favourite places and trying menu and posting pics and exploring, I’ve taken this forward with a friend who has similar interest.
But now blogging is something I am equally as cooking.
Hopefully I go forward and achieve all my dreams, I continue to learn from it and be able to be thankful for everything that has come my way till now.
My food interest are quite simple I am not that of sweet /desert person but I like different touch that is put to the desert which makes it to be different and stand out.