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Blogger Name:-Uma Raghuraman

Since :-4 Years

Favourite Cuisine:-Tamil Cuisine


What is the story behind your blog’s name?

I am so happy you asked me this question. Challenges in life bring the best in us. Like most houses today, I too had my share of challenges making both my children eat properly, especially when they were small. I used to come up with interesting and creative dishes that are both healthy as well as eye appealing that would please my fussy eaters. I had documented more than hundreds of such recipes. When I decided to start a blog to share all these recipes,  my children suggested ‘Masterchefmom’ as the Blog name as it was how they used to call me at home. Many misunderstand that ‘Masterchefmom’ is a title I won in a competition but it is actually bigger than that. It is a compliment/title given by my children. I treasure it and feel so proud of it. Like many of you may agree, it is really difficult and most challenging to get compliments from fussy eaters.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

I have a family that just loves to eat good food. I end up cooking 3-4 meals a day, fresh from scratch. More than cooking the meal, deciding what to cook for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also pack for school lunch box, used to take more time to decide. I realized this must be the same issue faced by so many people. So I started sharing what I cooked in facebook. This was so much welcomed by all and I started getting so many requests to continue sharing tiffin/ meal ideas. So I started my blog ‘Masterchefmom’ to record all the recipes and ideas. What started as a hobby has now become a passion and profession.



 What is your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

I share a lot of authentic, traditional and heirloom recipes on my blog Masterchefmom. I also share vegan and gluten-free options for traditional recipes. This way, everyone can try my recipes. Also, it is interesting that many South Indian recipes are by nature Vegan and gluten-free. I also create fusion recipes to satisfy my creative juices and this has been appreciated and loved by my readers. I have been blogging for four years now and my blog is read by all people who love to cook healthy, tasty and authentic home-style food from scratch at home for their family.



Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

Frankly, the most exciting part is the recipe development and bringing the idea to life by cooking it. I feel extremely happy when I create a new dish. The excitement doubles when it gets taste approved by my family. This is closely followed by photography and post writing. If I can get all the three right for a recipe, it makes me so satisfied and happy.



What are the three most popular posts ever on your blog?

Here are the top three posts :

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ABOUT Masterchefmom by Uma Raghuraman |Delhi|


Uma Raghuraman is a doting mother and a passionate Chef. Her culinary journey began two decades ago culminating in her becoming one of the Top food bloggers in India, with her blog masterchefmom.blogspot.in containing more than 900 recipes from cuisines across the world. To compliment her blog, she shares these recipes through her Instagram and Facebook handles too.

Her blog  ‘ Masterchefmom’ inspires many to cook food at home from scratch using fresh local ingredients. Sharing simple everyday recipes that are not only healthy but tasty too has been her consistent endeavor.  Meal times are the best times that the family bonds and a great meal make it more happy and memorable. Good Health reflects on great food. Indian Cooking is much beyond Naan and curries.  Many recipes have been handed down generations( heirloom recipes) and are true treasures. Popularising Real Indian Food from various regions of India and sharing the right techniques of cooking these Traditional and authentic recipes is one of her blog’s main missions.

In her Instagram, you will find an amazing repertoire of dessert, snacks, Fusion recipes, Gluten Free, Vegan diets, Everyday and traditional Indian foods. She is popular for her real and creative representations of Indian Food and her work has been featured in many esteemed publications. She has won Netflix 2017 My Chef’s Table Instagram Contest and was chosen as it’s only  Indian Food Ambassador. She is also an award-winning Instagrammer for portraying REAL INDIAN FOOD in it’s true spirit and her  Instagram handle @masterchefmom has won the BEST FOOD INSTAGRAM AWARD in the prestigious 2017 SA BLOG AWARDS,Ma in a glittering ceremony in Charleston, SC.