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Blogger Name:-The Kolkata Foodie by Adrita

Since :-2 Years

Favourite Cuisine:-If Dessert was a Cuisine


Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

 Like most college students, I started to eat out a lot (though I probably did more than the usual). Having always been passionate about blogging and social media, a food blog was an obvious choice! So I collaborated with some friends and The Kolkata Foodie was born!

What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

Our blog is all about food! Kolkata is quite a happening city with new places cropping up every weekend. We try to share all these exciting new places with our followers. We also post some product reviews. Our audience are the tech – social savy young adults (15 – 30 years). We are a generation who want to get out and enjoy and we are not afraid to experiment. Eating out no longer means “Chinese” or “Indian”? I started the blog about 1.5 years back. I lost interest for a while since it was not growing as much as I would have liked it too, but I decided to take it seriously again since December last year, mostly out of boredom and there has been no looking back!

Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

 It is not just about one element. Obviously, taking good pictures over excites me at times to the point the food goes cold (rarely!!). However, I love to see how people interact with my posts, to assess what my followers want and of course organizing giveaways! Is there any event you are especially looking forward to this year? The Kolkata Food Festival. Organised by the West Bengal government, it brings different Bengali cuisines and delicacies under one roof along with stalls of famous restaurants. It is really an amazing experience!

What are the three most popular posts ever on your blog?

If we go by impressions, this one is definitely the most popular one!






Do you have any special blogging tip for new bloggers?

Be patient and keep doing what you love, the first few months are a bit rough. Take good pictures! Good pictures is the mainstay for Instagram. And always try to learn and evolve and grow.

ABOUT The Kolkata Foodie by Adrita |Kolkata|


The Kolkata Foodie by Adrita is a social media food page dedicated to the food of Kolkata and beyond. It was born out of her love for food and blogging. She had dabbled in blogging quite a lot ever since she was a teenager but had eventually lost interest in them after some time. Being a medical student, you don’t really get a lot of free time. But she used to feel this sort of weird emptiness and unfulfillment and that’s how The Kolkata Foodie was born on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

She wasn’t interested in food until she got to college where she got into this ‘food loving’ bunch. What started from trying out the local hole in the wall outlets graduated to trying new cuisines and new restaurants and cafes. So why not blog about it? She initially made a Facebook page to start her blogging journey along with two friends. They started well but gradually her interest fizzled out through exams and fests until another lazy weekday, being bored out of her mind, She opened an Instagram page of our blog and never looked back!

She loves Instagram since it is such a visual field, though it has it’s cons – very few people take the time to read through the well crafted reviews of the food they post. Blogging one Instagram is a learning process, from bettering your photography to learning to utilize all the features and interacting with your followers, brands and PRs. Her next goal is have her own blog and maybe expand to lifestyle and travel (but that’s for much later!). Right now she is focussing on her studies and of course, food!