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Blogger Name:-Jodhpur Foodie

Speciality:-Jodhpur Food

Since :-2015

Favourite Cuisine:-Mirchi Bada of Jodhpur


What is the story behind your blog’s name?

Not exactly a story, as the name says, it’s all about Jodhpur’s food. I wanted to keep the name simple and connecting to my audience so simply named it Jodhpur Foodie.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

I was always a big time Foodie and going through metro city blogs, I always wondered why there is no such blog for jodhpur? I was always keen towards food photography and used to put a lot of food pictures on my personal profile. Jodhpur has one of the richest food culture of country and still no Instagram presence. So two year back on a winter night of November I just chose some best pictures of best eateries from my phone’s gallery, wrote some good descriptions and it started getting popular overnight, as if people were just waiting for a food blog in the city.



Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

It’s a small city, people aren’t that much techno friendly but I feel great now a days when I hear people talking on nearby tables in restaurants like “let’s check on Jodhpur Foodie’s review on this dish and then we will order”. What excites me most is the content, I feel that description of food should be interesting, connective and not so long that people refuse to read at sight. I always get a lot of appreciation for the blog.



What are the three most popular posts ever on your blog?

1- When Dominos opened its branch in the city, we were among the first ones to get a pizza delivered at our place and when we put down a post, people were surprised, as apparently they were not knowing about its arrival in Jodhpur and there was a flood of questions asking for the location.

Link- https://instagram.com/p/BRFUAHdFajA/
2- The Indian cheese cake picture by a newly opened restaurant chain.
3- A simple Pulav picture from the most popular food stall of town which is favourite spot of students.

ABOUT JodhpurFoodie |Jodhpur|


Jodhpurfoodie is the leading Instagram food blog of Rajasthan’s cultural capital, Jodhpur. Geenius Jain’s was the first in Jodhpur for food blogging and loved a lot for his posts, captions and activities. He is a businessman by profession but food blogging is for his inner satisfaction. The idea of Jodhpur Foodie was his but after some months he made a good team. In this blog, photographs are taken by  Genius Jain himself and his friend Sahil Garg, who is a baker and food stylist, running his own instagram handle @thefatlens. Content writing is done by their friend Trisha Kalla, who is a CA and has a great command over English vocabulary. So he can say they  are a team of three. He has captured and tried to present the beautiful food culture of Jodhpur’s food in a best possible way. He has attached the most popular pictures of most popular eateries out here. Every picture has a story and that can be found on their blog.