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Blogger Name:-GodBingeOn


Since :-2016

Favourite Cuisine:-North Indian.


What is the story behind your blog’s name?


So the story behind the name is little unusual and funny, So I tell people it means God of binge eating. But the real story is completely different. I did want a name that has food or Mumbai in it. I wanted something unusual. So I had named myself “ GodModeOn “, so when I made my Facebook page I had the name “ GodModeOn” one of my childhood friend who calls me “ Bing “ suggested that I call myself “ GodBingeOn “ as it has been in it.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?


So I call myself an accidental food blogger, I remember watching a lot of traveling food review shows on TV in my school days and I always was pretty fascinated as I have always been a kid who loves to eat and travel. So I’m a mix of two completely different cultures which has one thing in common that is love for food, I’m half Parsi and half Punjabi. So I use to go to new places and randomly upload reviews on zomato and upload food photos which I found good and wanted my friends to see and try. So when you ask me what inspired me, I would reply to the love for good food.


What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?


So GodBingeOn is a platform where I primarily post and write about the food and upload photos of the things I had and would recommend my readers and friends to experience the same joy and excitement which I did while binging on the food. It’s been almost 3 years since GodBingeOn was born and my readers are basically people who have the most important thing in common with me, that the love for good food and who are ready to explore the unexplored. I also do travel content as traveling is something I really enjoy and makes me happy.



What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?


If you had asked me in 2014, what do you think food blogging will look in 2019. I don’t think anyone would have been able to predict the boom, The industry is in its golden phase and the graph seems to only go up, Food is something that can never go out of fashion as it’s the basic need of every human, so this is one field which can never go out of business. So in 2024, the field will be bigger and so will the audience.



Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?


The most exciting part of being GodBingeOn has always been the opportunity to click some amazing looking food and be able to taste and write about it. I love making the food look good so that my audience cannot resist and they give in to the temptation and order what I have recommended.





ABOUT Godbingeon by Vidur Kapoor


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food”
GodBingeOn the virtual world name of Vidur Kapoor, a businessman in the day and pursuing his hobby of tasting everything available in this world and clicking them so that others could also experience the joy and happiness.
So what does GodBingeOn mean?
It means the God of binge eating. Whenever I use to read “What’s your dream job” I instantly use to reply I want to be a traveling food explorer. As that kills two birds with one stone. I love traveling and exploring different cuisines and culture. I have sort of achieved one part of my dream job soon shall complete the other half.