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Kabyashree Deka is from Guwahati Assam. Blogger Foodieforeverandever23 | Assam, a food blogger by passion and a content developer by profession. She completed her studies from Delhi University, where Blogger Foodieforeverandever23 | Assam, started her journey in blogging. Now, Blogger Foodieforeverandever23 | Assam, preparing for competitive state government examinations.

Kabyashree Deka


What is the story behind your blog’s name?

The story behind my blog lies in my love for food and interest in knowing new things about various cuisines, recipes, and ingredients. I have always loved to cook from a young age and try to experiment with my skills.


Kabyashree Deka


Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

I have always been dreamt of starting a food blog and I used to follow many known bloggers from the start. One day I just decided that even I should start my own food blog.


Kabyashree Deka


What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

My Blog is all about good food, lifestyle and travel diaries. I started my blog to bring amazing food including regional recipes since I am from Assam. I have always tried to focus on my traditional home-style recipes, beautiful places of northeast India, its Lifestyle. Blogging is my passion since 2016. It is an overall experience knowing new things every day. Creating good quality content is always my priority. I have always dreamt of sharing new content every day with uniqueness, concept, and ideas of curating it. My blog is followed by people from the age group between 18-65 years of age, my followers are from India and various neighboring countries alongside countries like London, Australia, and USA.


Kabyashree Deka


What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?

Food Blogging is a fast-growing sector and I think in the coming five years people will improve their ideas & knowledge about food. It will more advance in terms of creating content or anything.


Kabyashree Deka


Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

The best part I love about food blogging is always creating something new and conceptual photography.


Kabyashree Deka


Is there any event you are especially looking forward to this year?

This year I am planning for a solo trip and I am much excited about it.


Kabyashree Deka


What are the three most popular posts ever on your blog?

Eventually, I cannot name three because there are many, but since I travel a lot to Himachal Pradesh where my home-cooked thali are loved by people and street food of course’. So, I would say my posts from Himachal Pradesh are the best ones.


Kabyashree Deka


Do you have any special blogging tip for new bloggers?

Nothing special but the utmost important thing is quality content and consistency which will make your future bright. Also, I would say patience because good things take time and the wait is worth it.







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ABOUT Foodieforeverandever23 | Assam


Kabyashree Deka is from Guwahati Assam. She is a food blogger by passion and a content developer by profession. She completed her studies from Delhi University, where she started her journey in blogging. Now, she is preparing for competitive state government examinations. Her mom and brother are very supportive. She is a very simple and sorted person, and is very happy with what she is doing and will continue with her passion throughout.