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Blogger Name:-Foodiearuna

Speciality:-Home Cooked Food and Street Food

Since :-3 Years

Favourite Cuisine:-North Indian


What is the story behind your blog’s name?

BLOG here means my instagram account. It’s really not a big story. I along with my friend was watching 20-20 match at a restaurant in Defence Colony in 2014 and I was checking this Instagram app as this app was trending much at that time so I decided to sign up for the same and asked my friend “Yaar kya naam rakhu” and he uttered “kuch bhi rakh le.. itna khati hai foodie something rkh le.” So I was like let’s keep it foodiearuna then. So this is the story behind my blog’s name.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

Okay. So initially it was never a food blog. I used to upload whatever I used to eat, like and click it was a mix actually, not food in particular. So, in 2015 I visited Agra with a group of photographers. It was a photography trip for them and for me it was all leisure and making new friends. There we all shared our interests with each other and all. And there I was suggested by few to make my Instagram account as a food account because I love to eat and explore different food cultures so I took their suggestions seriously and made this Instagram account from everything to just food i.e. “FOODIEARUNA”. And when I started it, I was never aware about this food review thing. I never knew all this so with this I started my Zomato and with time my zomato account also became verified and I got quite a good fame too with time.



What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

Now, it’s all about food. I post everything be it homemade, healthy food, street food, luxury dining, everything. In regard to who reads it, I have followers of almost all the age groups like people follow me majorly for my #MAAKHAATHKAKHANA i.e. home cooked food because there are many who are staying away from families and they miss it so it’s my forte you can say. And I have followers from all over the World and I’m so glad to have such a huge family. As I told you I started it in late 2015 so yeah from last 2-3 years.



Do you have any special blogging tip for new bloggers?

Please focus on your content and quality not on quantity. Make it your passion not profession and do everything with your heart keeping your followers liking in your mind. Don’t go for fake stuff like buying followers, likes and all. I personally don’t like reposting others stuff so please create your own content. Nowadays, people are actually reposting trending pictures to gain followers which I really really don’t like and of course that’s again a personal choice. And yeah don’t be a free loader. Bloggers do pay and eat.

ABOUT Foodiearuna by Aruna Bansal |Delhi|


Aruna Bansal a true Delhite and punjaban. She loves to eat and she actually lives to eat. Food connects her with people. Like all, She too loves her Maa k haatho ka khana and also as she is a Delhite she loves Delhi’s food culture and street food.

She is keen to explore food culture of different parts of the country. Well more about her she would say she loves cooking too but she doesn’t know much about cooking. Except food, She loves to travel and she is an online shopping freak. Being Punjabi she loves North Indian cuisine much than any other and Amritsar is a place she can go N number of times. Butter Chicken is what she loves in Non-Veg. She is more fond of Home- made food and street food than restaurant food. Lastly, FOOD IS HER PASSION and by profession she is a Government employee.