Food Map Jaipur:-

Food Map Jaipur is about cafes, restaurants, street foods connecting foodies across the city. It have been into this for 2 years.



What is the story behind your blog’s name?

I’ve always hated Jaipur’s areas been known for their historical monuments or fancy malls when we had so much more to offer. I decided this name because I wanted different areas to be known according to their famous food items and cafes and street foods.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

I used to be an cafe explorer even before this page and due to my huge social circle people used to ask me about my experiences at new cafes, during that time I wanted to post all the details and food about a place at one place so that people can know for themselves. Then I came across the profile of MY YELLOW PLATE and started my blog.



What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

My blog is about cafes, restaurants, street foods connecting foodies across the city. I have been into this for 2 years.



What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?

In 5 years blogging industry will flourish like no other, with increasing digital media advertising it is the best field to be in.



Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

For me the most interesting part about blogging is recognition and content writing, Sometimes I visit my regular street food carts and they tell me that people visit them and their business increased because of my post. It makes me happy to help them.


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ABOUT Food Map Jaipur | Anushka Baid | Jaipur


Anushka Baid, Currently pursuing my MBA in marketing . She has been into blogging for two years and was amongst the first few  bloggers of Jaipur, apart from this she is working as a social media manager for a travel firm. She feel herself happy go lucky girl, with not a big appetite but a lot of cravings every day. She like exploring and letting people know about street food the most.

Food map Jaipur in the next few years plans to help the local food vendors with good food quality and  taste to reach people by providing them with our platform to showcase their food.