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Blogger Name:-The Fashionable Foodie

Speciality:-Food and Fashion

Since :-1 Year

Favourite Cuisine:-Chinese and Mughlai.


What is the story behind your blogs name?

I just wanted to keep the name of my blog a very simple one so that people can easily understand what it deals with. Hence the name, “The Fashionable Foodie”. Anyone can clearly understand that my blog covers food and fashion,the two very interesting aspects of life.


Why did you decide to start a food blog?

Food is something that always attracts me and lifts my mood instantly after a bad day.I always loved to explore (and still do) the cafes in Kolkata and try different cuisine. I personally had visited over 150 restaurants in Kolkata after which I decided to share my experiences through reviews so that it can help other people before they visit the cafe. This was the main reason for starting my blog. Also, several other food bloggers and their good works had always inspired me.Just like I had visited so many cafes trusting their reviews, I also wanted people to get help through my reviews.




What do you think food blogging will look in 5 years?

Well, I am a medical student and in 5 years hopefully, I will complete my studies and will be busy with my profession. Becoming a Doctor was always my dream. But food blogging is also my passion. So I will try my best to continue with it. And I want to travel to places outside Kolkata and try their local food and review them as well. I hope in 5 years I can start traveling at least once a year and start penning down my gastronomic experiences in different places of the world through my blog.


Which part of blogging excites you most?

The photography part is something that I totally enjoy. Also, it requires lots of patience and time before you can get that perfect shot that makes the dish look even more appealing. I like food photography a lot and wish to learn more about it.


Is there any event you are looking forward to this year?

I wish I could be a part of the Hilsa Festival by Oh! Calcutta. Also wanted to be a part of  the Dawat e kebab by ITC Sonar.

ABOUT The Fashionable Foodie by Monalisa Saha |Kolkata|


Monalisa Saha, Being a doctor was always a dream and she was so happy that she could fulfill her dream within a few years. She did not have much idea about food blogging 3 years back when she joined Medical school. All she knew about herself was She was a big foodie and loved to explore new cafes and try good food with Suvayan,who is equally a big foodie as her. A year back Instagram introduced her to a group of food bloggers whose work inspired her and reviews helped a lot before visiting a cafe.

That when she decided to start a blog of her own. She started writing Zomato reviews regularly and many friends and Instagram followers used to appreciate her food posts. In April she got her first invite from Pings Orient Cafe as a reviewer and there she met other bloggers and her confidence got some boost. A month back she started her blog The Fashionable Foodie.

She mainly works on Instagram posts as a social media influencer. Also since she loves experimenting with clothes,it has a fashion section as well. It really pleases her when people actually ask her for genuine views about a cafe before visiting it. Being a medical student, she really needs to manage a lot of time between studies and her passion. She hopes in future she can invest more time and come up with even better contents and be a successful blogger.