Blog EK PLATE |Mumbai|


Blogger Name:-Ek Plate

Since :-3 years

Favourite Cuisine:-Italian, South Indian


What is the story behind your blog’s name?

Its very simple, when you go out to eat your favorite “chaat” what do you tell the vendor? Bhaiya Ek plate Dena. This is where the name ek plate was derived from. We wanted the name to be as closely linked to food as possible. If someone reads our blogs name they instantly know it’s about food.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?

I have been a foodie all my life, In fact my entire family is into food My grandmother has her own catering service, my dad cooks us dinner on the weekends and my grandfather loves looking at online recipes and new trends. So safe to say it’s literally in my blood.




What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?

The Internet is ever changing and in 5 years I feel there will definitely be a new social media platform that will disrupt the game not just for food blogs but for every one, I also predict that many big pages will join together to form a “network” of sorts that is mutually beneficial because leaning how to coexist will give the best chance to grow.



Do you have any special blogging tip for new bloggers?

1 Focus on only one social media platform and master it, and then expand.

2 Do It for the right reasons, start a page because you are genuinely passionate about what you are doing.

3 Don’t try to cheat the system! It’s very easy to buy followers, but apart from spoiling the community reputation the instagram algorithm is very smart and they will shut your page/shadow ban or essentially reduce engagement. Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai!




Harsh V Shah is born and brought up in a typical Gujarati family that loves food! His grandmother is a caterer by profession his father cooks for the family and his grandfather keeps looking for the next best recipes, safe to say food is the number one topic at the Shah family household.

He started the Blog at the end of his Bachelor’s degree and has been managing Ek Plate full time ever since. He has been running the blog for close to 3 years now. Poised about hitting 100k on Instagram Harsh and his team are bringing in different ideas like “food related memes” to spice things up.