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Blogger Delhi Eats by Kuljyoti Dhingra is a food and travel content creator on Instagram and YouTube. She is from an economics background but her love for food made her start her social media journey and now she has 250k+ followers on Instagram and is growing tremendously on youtube too. Blogger Delhi Eats by Kuljyoti Dhingra has collaborated with major brands including One Plus, Nokia, TVS, Korea Tourism, etc. and is continuing to make her social media journey even stronger.

What is the story behind your blog’s name?

The blog wasn’t started with the intention of running it as a regular blog. We, both, were very enthusiastic about eating food and clicking its pictures to make our friends jealous. At the same time, we thought that putting up these pictures on facebook would be frivoulous, and an insta account would be less embarrassing. Very few people know that initially it was called “Dilli ke Pakwaan” but it sounded very gimmicky. After a certain point, we felt the need to change inorder to sound ‘premium’. “Delhi Eats” is generic, and easy on the mind and tongue. There are a few eateries which have come up recently who have blantantly copied the name, and the logo. But just to reiterate, we’re are “Delhi Eats” – Asli waale! Note: hamari koi branches nahi hain – shadi-party ke order nahi liye jaate.

What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?

We’ve always been food photo-bloggers. So, we never really put adequate thought about who reads the blog but who watches the blog. And the talking point is always food. Recently we’ve opened ourselves to try lifestyle blogging, but this is still in its pilot phase. This is something we’ve leant over the time that we can’t really fake things on internet. We come from normal middle-class families, with limited budgets. At best, a lavish meal would be a Nihari/Qorma at Daryaganj, maybe once a week. So, we tried to cover the cheaper food options – something that we could easily spend on. The professional bloggers’ pictures were really aestheically shot. We, obviously, couldn’t compete with that level of vanity, i.e., there was no scope to fake it! So, we decided to go raw. The pictures we initially put out were from lower megapixel phone cameras, and that too of street food, or the weekly ‘lavish’ meals I just talked about. But that was the key for us. Most of the people out there are just like us – broke! And that’s where we made the difference. We provided people with low-budget but tasty food options across Delhi. People started following us, messaging us to keep a track of the locations and dishes we used to upload on Instagram. 2 years ago, this journey started with 0 followers. Today, we are at… well, I can’t tell you an exact number, it grows every minute. Honesty and self-belief does wonders sometimes!

What do you think food blogging will look like in 5 years?

Food blogging is here to stay. We fill the void between the people who are busy with there lives, who are hungry, and the best places to eat. We review food honestly, to the best of our abilities. The best part about us is that both of us love cooking as well. So, we don’t just say that a dish is good or bad, but talk about the nuances, the ingredients, the cooking techniques. And to talk/blog about food in a long term, one must have knowledge about the inputs as well as outputs. So, in next five years, the blogging scene will get bigger, thanks to increasing internet literacy, dependency of people on social media and decreasing data rates. This is possibly the most conducive environment to grow as a blogger, but for that social media ‘style’, one needs enough ‘substance’ – which is educating ourselves about food. The fact that now bigger bloggers are called social media influencers shows the power of this new media.

Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

We love everything about blogging, except the judgemental looks that people of older generation give when we tell them about the nature of our work. The whole quest of finding new eateries, unique food items is very fulfilling. From low-resolution low budget smartphone cameras to high-resolution high end smartphone cameras and DSLR, the journey has been amazing. With better equipment, the final pictures are better and that final product getting better gives us a higher level of satisfaction.

Do you have any special blogging tip for new bloggers?

There’s no special blogging tip. Only thing is – be honest, be regular and original, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE in any case. Phrase like – “Content is king” might be cliché but it holds true. And, HAVE LOADS OF PATIENCE. We became irregular because we didn’t see any considerable rise in our follower base and because of that people started to “unfollow” us. But that was the “make or break” moment for us. We started from the scratch, and produced a lot of original content across social media. It took about 7-8 months to get the momentum back and now we are one of the top trending food bloggers of the country. The final thing that we’d like to say is that produce good quality content, which is a bit different from others. You might not be producing the content for the masses, but then you’d be catering to a certain niche market. You don’t have to search for followers for your content, but the potential followers will find your content themselves. That’s internet blogging in a nutshell for you!

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ABOUT Delhi Eats | Kuljyoti Dhingra | Delhi

Delhi Eats is managed by two people, Abhishek and Kuljyoti. Abhishek is a Radio Jockey (RJ) at Radio Mirchi, whereas she has just completed her masters in economics and aspires to be a lecturer in the future. Both of them come from profound academic backrounds and share a fervent inclination towards food. Just to dispense this indispensible love for food with the world, Kuljyoti started Delhi Eats in 2015 but due to academic pressure she couldn’t carry it forward much. But in February 2017, she took it up again with a much greater zeal. There has been no looking back since then, within 9 months Delhi Eats is a family of 55k people, and 10-15k people are joining them every month.
They are catering to the taste of youth, and speific focus being on the college students. Their main target are the people who want best possible options at minimal prices, along with other budget options. This comes from the fact that they can actually connect with the situation of being in the shoes of a college goer who is always broke but will still look for options to splurge on food. Therefore, they are covering everything from street food, to pocket friendly restaurants, to luxury dining places.