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Blogger Name:-Ayush Dolani

Speciality:-Food Styling and Photography

Since :-2017

Favourite Cuisine:-Labanese

What is the story behind your blog’s name?


Previously I started my blog with the name PaapiPeth. I thought let us keep some funny and unique name so that people will remember it. The thing which is different people are attracted to it. Then eventually when I started gaining some followers then I decided to keep the name as BombayFoodBlogger which looks more of Profession and then the same name is continued hereafter.



Why did you decide/inspired to start a food blog?


When I started developing the ability to write reviews on Zomato, I used to check out that there are certain persons who actually go out to restaurants taste their food and accordingly upload the review on Zomato. I didn’t know that people have this profession to write reviews and rate the restaurants. At that moment I thought let’s begin this Food Journey by writing the reviews and create our own content. Eventually, I started photography and then started a food page on Instagram.



What’s your blog about? Who reads it? How long have you been blogging?


My Blog is involved with Food Photography, Product Photography, and Lifestyle. I schedule up my daily routine and all my life stories are up on Instagram. The people following me can get to know how my visits to restaurants, Café, and Other Places. We try out some dishes of the restaurants, taste it and then Upload the review about the dishes on Instagram. It’s easier for people to access Instagram and get an idea of the restaurant. If they want to visit the restaurant they can easily read out the reviews given by us for reference and decide whether to visit it or not. Its been almost 2 years since I’m in this field. This field has given me a lot to be praised and motivated.



Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?


Blogging is not everything about visiting the places and enjoying the moment but also end up describing the experience in the review. Writing up blogs is really important. That’s how people or various brands can connect with you. Whether you are genuine or not is expressed by the content or blogs written by you. Along with writing the reviews, the major exciting part about blogging is Photography. If Photography excites you then you are in the right field. Photography can give you many attempts for the better picture but it does not go to waste. Each picture clicked by you describes your hard work and enthusiasm towards the profession




What are the three most popular posts ever on your blog? Do you have any special blogging tip for new bloggers?


The field of Blogging completely deals with the idea of Innovation. There are 1000’s of bloggers out there. Everyone is creating their content, striving hard to develop the art of blogging but only one thing makes you recognized by people which is the way of presenting your content. Work hard on your content, focus on what people want to observe, give your best. Never take the pressure of not getting followers on Instagram or Facebook. If you are creating your content then eventually you will grow up. There is no stoppage for the people genuinely creating their Content. Nobody is small or big in this field. You are just preparing yourself for the best.


ABOUT Bombay food blogger By Ayush Dolani | Mumbai


Bombay Food Blogger, owned and created by AyushDolani, he is the person who loves food. Obviously, it’s a common thing to know that a person who blogs about food will definitely love food but comparing with food he loves photography more. Capturing the right moment is certainly what he believe in.

This art of Photography has led him towards the food styling and Food Photography. At the start, he used to click normal pictures with no sign of food styling. It just got the food, click it and eats it. Now it’s like Get the food, take many attempts till you get the best shot and eat it after the food gets cold. But this journey of food has created a lot of Impact on his Life. And will eventually create more different and unique content.