Blogger Theloveinablog by Lavina Gwalani


Blogger Name:-Dastylesocial by Lavina Gwalani

Influences:-Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour

Since :-5 Years

Favourite Venue:-Colaba social, Aer Lounge and Grandmama’s Cafe




Your favourite fashion Icon?

Kangana Ranaut from Bollywood and Kim Kardashian.




What would you say is the biggest challenge about Fashion Blogging?

To be original and authentic, it is very easy to drift away and lose originality in content. Especially now that the blogging industry is so saturated there has to be a filter that separates good content form an average one.



Name your top favourite 3 Brands.

Zara, westside stores and Promod.



Favourite Fashion Designer Indian / International?

Gaurav Gupta in india and Elie Saab International.





In Bollywood, according to you who is a true Fashion Icon?

Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor.





Describe your Fashion Style in one word.





Any Advice to your followers?

Admiration means nothing if you don’t support, the internet has become a very negative place these days due to cyberbullying, so if you admire someone and appreciate their work, stand up for them. I do want to thank my followers, I have been lucky to have them and for being there on my good and bad days.



You Favourite Accessory?

Rings, I am obsessed with them and that’s also the only accessory I wear.



ABOUT Theloveinablog by Lavina Gwalani


Lavina Gwalani is 25 years old and a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Mumbai. She has been blogging for the past 5 years. She is a Journalism graduate with a Diploma in Fashion Designing and Styling. Her interests are fashion, beauty, interior decor, travel & lifestyle. She is  Sindhi so that makes her a foodie, She loves eating at different places and trying new things.

Her personal style is very minimal, chic and conventional. She likes fashion that is accessible to one and all. On a day to day basis, she will be seen sporting casuals with a touch of street style in it. She believes in being effortless, being inspired from whats in trend and then derive it to suit your own taste, that’s how personal style works for me. Blogging wasn’t always her passion but journalism was, She was fascinated with magazines and how they played a major role in shaping our minds as to what fashion really is.

It was almost like magazines set the path for us all to get introduced to global fashion, brands and trends. She wanted to have a journal of her own where she could note down her own perspective on fashion and style and all
things that she loves and that’s how her first blog “theloveinablog” (the-love-in-a-blog) came into existence.

The name literally meant that it was a blog for all things she loves and the bonus was it sounded like her name so everyone thought it was “the Lavina blog” Along the blogging journey she ventured more and more into beauty, lifestyle and food and a little bit of travel. So she figured out fashion isn’t the only thing she has to write about and also it wasn’t the only she as fascinated with. Anything and everything that catches her mind, intrigues her soul and has style in it could be her inspiration and she would want to talk about it on my blog and social media. The blog became more personal and served as a platform to socialise and share my style shenanigans.

She is more than excited to make her blog space where free minds interact, creative juices flow and style definitely oozes from every bit of content in here.