Blogger Let’s Expresso by Tanya


Blogger Name:-Tanya

Speciality:-Fashion and Lifestyle

Since :-2011


Your favourite fashion Icon?

Deepika Padukone.



What is the Story Behind your Blog Name?

It’s all about expressing myself, so Let’s Expresso!



What would you say is the biggest challenge about Fashion Blogging?

To reach the right audience.



Favourite Fashion Designer Indian / International?

I prefer more of budding designers who bring different stuff with hard work and dedication.



In Bollywood, according to you who is a true Fashion Icon?

Priyanka Chopra



Any Advice to your followers?

Wear what you like, like what you wear.

ABOUT Let’s Expresso by Tanya


She is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, sharing her fashion & beauty experiences with her audience.
She follows three fundamentals when it comes to fashion and they are:
1. Comfort: Every outfit should be comfortable so that it can be worn for longer hours.
2. Repetition: The clothes should have the capability to be repeated. It should be a worthwhile investment.
3. Confidence: The clothes should be able to accentuate the wearer’s confidence otherwise there is no point.