“Wellness is a lifestyle. I start my day with Yoga! And India is a cradle of wellness being the origin of Ayurveda and Yoga. To create awareness about wellness and healing treasures in India is a mission. With deep and intensive knowledge on both Media and Wellness Industry, it is my goal to be able to place India as a wellness destination on the global map.”

Let’s know more about Khushboo Jain !!


What is your favourite Therapy?

Vibro massage —
In this Specific electronic machines are used to give oscillating vibrations on targetted fatty areas of the body. The intensity at which contraction and relaxation of the muscles takes place, burns energy & melts stored fats. This therapy combined with Power Yoga & healthy eating gives you deep relaxation, desired low-fat body & very good skin with improved blood circulation.A follow up with 60 min Abhangyam ayurvedic massage is all I need for a rejuvenated self.




What is your biggest accomplishment?

I have received two National Awards – one for my first book on collectors guide to spas of India & the second for contribution to the wellness industry of India.




In Bollywood, according to you who is a fitness icon?

My Bollywood Fitness icon is Deepika Padukone for the perfect dream figure that is well toned & strong muscles !! It comes when you work on your body like a temple.




Describe your Fitness Style in one word.

My fitness style —welltoned low-Fat Body!



Name your top favourite 3 wellness Brands.

3 wellness brands —Anandas in the Himalayas, Niramaya retreats in Trivandrum & Soukya healing destination in Bangalore.




Your Favourite Cuisine?

My favourite cuisine is wellness foods.







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ABOUT Khushboo Jain Wellness and Spa Expert


Khushboo is a passionate Spas and Wellness Advocate who visits, audits, reviews, promotes wellness Centres, treatments and therapies of India through CONTENT. This includes video stories, COLUMNS ON WELLNESS in various international publications, her personal Blog and Social Media. She is generally travelling and exploring the wellness properties to pen first hand-reviews about the new getaways and healing destinations. Khushboo is a well known Wellness Columnist who contributes her knowledge on wellness and Ayurveda with her columns in various international publications, mainlines and digital media.

Khushboo is the first person globally to have surfaced entire healing traditions available in India ONLINE from various wellness centres, spas, Ayurvedic Hospitals and Spiritual Centers to cure people of their body problems non-allopathic way. The first such e-commerce portal helped the wellness audience to Discover and BOOK Spas & Wellness online/ Book Therapies for Body Problems/ Reviews & Ratings/ Bookings, Deals, offers, discounts at best prices/Book Pampering treatments.