Blogger The Gulabi Girl by Pranjal Salecha


Blogger Name:-TheGulabi Girl by Pranjal Salecha


Influences:-Love for styling in contemporary style

Since :-18 months

Favourite Venue:-Rustic and Vintage places, specially outdoors


What is the Story Behind your Blog Name?

The story behind my blog name is that I was obsessed with colour pink as it was my favourite colour since my childhood. When I was thinking about the name for my blog I thought for going bold blog name that is why I named it Gulabi. Also, the main reason behind keeping the name Gulabi was basically they can relate to me. Gulabi was kept to give desi touch as my personal style is of contemporary.



What would you say is the biggest challenge about Fashion Blogging?

The biggest challenge from my perspective is being constant on your work plus giving constant quality work as I have myself always felt that the key to success is that quality pictures and up to mark content because if your content is not really up to the write up that won’t connect audience.



Describe your Fashion Style in one word.

In one word if I need to say about the fashion style as mixer of contemporary and fusion style which is actually bohemian.



Your Favourite Accessory?

My favourite accessory definitely would be a ring or a neck piece.


Any Advice to your followers?

The piece of advice I really like to give to my followers is that if you are really enthusiastic about something just give it a start.

ABOUT The Gulabi Girl by Pranjal Salecha


Pranjal Salecha started her blog recently in her blog she expresses her own ideas and inspirations. Basically, it’s about her personal way of styling and love for travel. Even she has studied about fashion for her fashion is in everything from what she eats, drinks and even in her sleep.

No just fashion for her travel is equally same. Since childhood, she has a habit of experimenting with clothes and makeup. As her blog name clearly defines her. Also, from the day she started blogging she never looked back and by god grace, today. She calls herself a proud fashion blogger.