Fashion Blogger Stephanie Timmins:-

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Timmins of the popular Indian blog Feisty Fox Diaries writes about personal style, Fashion, Beauty, travel & lifestyle. Stephanie is a First Class Distinction Management Student with a specialization in International Marketing. Fashion Blogger  Stephanie Timmins is based in Mumbai, India and is of mixed parentage Anglo Indian, Chinese, Parsi and English an Indian with vast global exposure and outlook, having resided for a while in London, Singapore also and traveled all over the globe.


Your favourite fashion Icon?

Jennifer Lopez for her flamboyance and versatility.

What would you say is the biggest challenge about Fashion Blogging?

To maintain an optimum balance between your individuality and the latest trends and let that reflect in the content you create. Also explaining to brands & PR companies not to expect guaranteed coverage for a barter of their products.


Name your top favourite 3 Brands.

Gucci, Zara, Bershka.


Favourite Fashion Designer Indian / International?



Any Advice to your followers?

Be You and let your style reflect your personality and interpretation of fashion trends and don’t let trends dictate your expression of style.









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ABOUT Feisty Fox Diaries by Stephanie Timmins


Stephanie Timmins of the popular Indian blog Feisty Fox Diaries writes about personal style, Fashion, Beauty, travel & lifestyle. Stephanie is a First Class Distinction Management Student with a specialisation in International Marketing. Stephanie is based in Mumbai, India and is of mixed parentage  Anglo Indian, Chinese, Parsi and English an Indian with a vast global exposure and outlook, having resided for a while in London, Singapore also and traveled all over the globe .

Feisty Fox Diaries was founded in 2013 to share Stephanie’s personal style diary and unique take on fashion with the world and she has worked with several prominent brands and designers and that has catapultedStephanie into the league of one of the major style influences in the country. Since then she can expanded into the beauty, travel, hospitality and lifestyle space too. Some of the global brands & designers she has worked with Levis, Calvin Klein, Vero Moda, Only, BCBG, Max, Azria, Swarovski, Diesel, Gas, Maybelline, L’oreal, Titan watches, Quirk Box, Stuart Weitzman, Levis, Bebe, Nike, Charles & Keith, Aldo, Veet, Pond’s, Dove, LG, Hyatt Hotels, Vogue Eyewear to name a few.