DJ Veronika


DJing Name:-Veronika

Genre:-Bollywood & Commercial House

DJing Since :-7 Years

What inspired you to be a DJ?

My connection with music when I was a teen, especially Hip Hop got me inspired to be a DJ.


Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

Oh! The SpinDoctor is the man responsible for who I am right now! From being my best friend to a mentor, he is the one i’d give all the credit of the journey so far to. Respect for him is doubled when you know the fact that he is not only a DJ (Turntablist, which is rare in India) but also a Doctor (MBBS) !! That’s hell lot of motivation and inspiration.

After getting into the industry, I’ve come across alot of DJs like Akhtar, Angel, Asen and alot more who inspire me merely with their music.



How would you describe your style?

I am the one who plays not just for the crowd but for myself too. So I love surprising the crowd by taking them on a nostalgic journey by playing retro to old skool pop to indie pop and then back to mainstream. Its like a never ending musical journey you going to be on with me!



 Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

How could a wedding be called a super cool wedding if you don’t have a super cool DJ playing all those super cool Bollywood, retro tracks which take you back in the time when you would dance around with your siblings like no ones watching. Now you’re getting married, you need one night to enjoy the same music with same people in the same way like no ones watching & I take that responsibility to get you grooving through the night.

ABOUT Veronika

DJ VERONIKA has been DJing for around half a decade now. She’s one of the few female-star Disc jockeys from the City of Dreams – Mumbai. Her love, passion, interest and life have always had an influential desire to shine. She is not one to follow the crowd but gets the crowd to follow her never disappointing as they always end up finding themselves in magical places. Her dedications towards music along with her persistence and ambition to move forward, nothing and no one hold her back. It is purely her love and understanding for the art of music and sound that has taken her so far.

She’s one of the few female DJs who has made Bollywood Retro her style. She also loves to play Electronic Dance Music, Electro house, progressive, commercial house along with Punjabi Music. Not only Djing as a Professional DJ, she has also tried her skills in producing soulful Music. Collaborating with Renowned DJ & Producers, Released Amazing Remixes and Mashups at an Early Stage of her Career and received response one can never expect from a New DJ. DJ VERONIKA is one of the few female DJS in India who has made official Remixes for Music Labels like Sony Music India, Tseries & SaReGaMa Music.