DJing Name:-Smita

Genre:-Bollywood, House, EDM, Hip Hop, Trap

DJing Since :-2007

Favourite Clubs:-Prive ( Delhi ) ; Trilogy ( Mumbai ) ; Nyex Beach Club ( Goa ) ; Playboy ( Mumbai ) ; Club Sensation ( Dubai ) ; Pearl Lounge ( Doha, Qatar )

Influences:-DJ Chetas ; NYK ; Above & Beyond ; Armin Van Buurren.


 What inspired you to be a DJ?

I was always drawn towards music since childhood. I pursued classical music at the age of 10. Having learnt few musical instruments & softwares I started making music 12 years ago and found DJing the ultimate platform to take my music across the globe.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be? 

Its very easy to fall into a one genre trap however it limits your skills. There is a lot of great music being made out of one’s comfort zone hence I feel its always best to expand you taste and by doing so you expand your skills too. That makes me an open format DJ however bollywood would always remain my first love !!!



Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

There are just so so many. Some may not even be big names but I hung around with some great talent in my friend circle who inspired me to a great extent and mosty importantly at almost every other show in different parts of the India I get highly inspired by the resident DJs of the clubs I perform at, I feel they are the most skilled out of the lot I know.



What is it about you that makes you different  from other DJs?

Most common answers I read to such questions are experience, style, exclusivity of music, energy etc however honestly I don’t know what makes me any different because there is just so so much talent around and I feel everyone is doing an exceptional job out there to give people the best clubbing experience. I’m blessed with some great fans & I try and take as much requests for making remixes as well as during my performances and that keeps me going.



Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

My wedding gigs are very important to me as it can make or ruin someone’s most special day. I do elaborate briefing sessions in my prep with the bride & groom to know what they and their friends or families preferred choice of music is and then do my best to enhance the experience adding my personal touch to it. My 10 years of experience as a DJ has only made it more and more important for me with every gig to play what the crowd likes than to play what you like best as a DJ. No track is stupid to me as it may be special and close to someone’s heart.




DJ Smita is a celebrity Bollywood / House International DJ, Producer and Re-mixer with excellent credentials. Her successful DJ career of a decade has seen her play in almost every prestigious clubs in India and across the globe consistently wowing crowds with her technically brilliant, distinctly unique mixing style and energy behind the decks. She has surely been the the girl on a mission to make her mark on the music scene that she has covered more ground than many of her peers in a very short span of time . She has also been judging Djing competitions across India & coaching upcoming DJs & producers at various Djing institutes as a celebrity guest faculty.
DJ Smita is India’s first female Bollywood producer. She has an impressive list of remixes she has been producing for over 10 years. Her successful Bollywood remixes has been riding high in clubs across India and internationally, popular radio stations globally being tagged as club favorite mixes.