DJing Name:-Pasha Doll

Genre:-Bollywod, Punjab and EDM.

DJing Since :-2011

Favourite Clubs:-Difficult to say

Influences:-Dj Da Candy, Tiesto, Afrojack and Dj Harsh Bhutani (India).


What inspired you to be a DJ?

I always loved music, from small age i started to go for a dance classes, then become a professional dancer, gave lot of concerts with a dance group. Then switch to circus as a fire show artist, worked in Turkey circus. Then shift to China and start to work in theatre. There I got one Russian friend who was a Dj.  Once he became sick and asked me to play. Then i play a role of  Dj. They just put some long mix and i was doing acting like I’m pressing buttons and doing some mixing on console. I did it great and club start to call me for same shows. After sometime i become bore from fake Djing and asked my friend to teach me professionally,  like this I fall in love with this job and my way as a Dj start.



If you had to switch your style to another genre, what would it be? 

I used to play different genres. Main is Bollywood and Punjabi. But if for example If i will change the country and bollywood will  not be required anymore  I will like to play Latino music.



How do you get the crowd pumped?

To pump a crowd you need to be experienced and you should have good choice of music. One wrong track can bring party from high to zero. And one good track played in right time can blast the crowd. Plus i am very active on my shows, always dancing, smiling, jumping, I’m too energetic. It’s work like a chain – if one person ll start lough in a crowd other people also start to get this positivity and do the same. Djing it’s about exchange the energy. If you will play best tracks with dead face it will pump no one. I’m trying to catch people eyes make them feel that they are dancing with me and we are old friends, make them feel comfortable if they even don’t know how to dance.



Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

You should choose me if you want to make your party memorable. I have full package what a perfect Dj need: good skills, playing different genres, experience, professional behaviour, polite, responsible, flexible in music, friendly with the crowd, positive, active and good looking. Always follow the details what was discussed, individual approach for every party.



Do you have a specialty?

Bollywood Panjabi is my  main genre.



Pasha Doll is best known as Dj Pasha Doll. She is a celebrity, an international DJ from Russia, who is now in New Delhi (India). She has 5 years of Djing experience in different countries like Turkey, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa, Malaysia, Dubai, Russia & Ukraine. She has a great experience to work all over the India.

Pasha Doll is the WINNER of one of the reality show on MTV India, Love School Season 2 (2016-2017), which brought her huge popularity and fame in India. Sexy image, good dance combined with great music and experience behind a desk should be memorable.

Also in India she has honed her skills at H&M Music Academy, which has good reputation and high level of education.

Genre:- Commercial Bollywood, Retro Bollywood, Punjabi & Sufi.

DJ Pasha Doll plays commercial house music (EDM), Hip-hop, Trap, Commercial Bollywood, Retro Bollywood and Punjabi as well. This makes her universal DJ for clubs gigs and private parties also for weddings, corporate parties and birthday parties.